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It was a wet Saturday and I just craved for some hot food. One of my colleagues recommended having Xin Heng Feng Guo Tiao Tan (新恒丰粿条摊) so all of us travelled to Whampoa Market for dinner. Time check, 9.15pm. All other stalls at Blk 91 is already closed and only Xin Heng Feng Guo Tiao Tan stall was brightly lit. Read online that they closed at 9.30pm, so I was feeling very anxious.

Thankfully, there’s still food! And I think we are the second last customer for that night. The stall name has totally nothing to do with steamboat. In the day, they sell good fishball noodles but after 5pm, they sell steamboat instead. I was told that if you come during dinner time, say 6 or 7pm, be prepared to wait for at least an hour.

First question the aunty asked was, “Sliced fish or fried fish?” Sliced fish of course, as I saw the promfret in the stall. The pot was generously filled with ALOT of fish slices, yam, seaweed and cabbage. It was my first time seeing so much fish slices in the soup, so much so that we can’t fish it. Perhaps it was because the stall is closing for the day soon.

The fish soup was richly flavoured with ginger and dried plaice (ti po), which is not common in steamboat places but it definitely added the punch. I liked the fact that the traditional charcoal kept the fire going in the steamboat. But be careful not to go too near to the charcoal fire. The medium-sized Fish Head Steamboat was more than sufficient for four of us.

We also ordered a plate of preserved dried vegetable (mui choy) and braised pork trotter to share. The mui choy is stir-fried with lots of minced garlic and go very well with white rice. My friends love the keratin-skin, but I prefer the lean meat. But very tender but quite tasty.

Xin Heng Feng Guo Tiao Tan
Address: Block 91 Whampoa Drive, Whampoa Market
Opening hours: 5pm-9:30pm, closed on Tues