Building Our Home with Absolut Outdoors

December 25, 2016

Living in a small city means our living spaces are small. As many of you know, I finally got the keys to my new house and we spent a lot of time renovating it. We are really lucky to have a balcony. We may not get much use out of it in the inclement weather but it’s an important feature in our dream home because this is where I can create my own private getaway in the midst of the hustle and bustle.

Through a friend Jessie’s recommendation, we were introduced to the good people from Absolut Outdoors. They are an exterior renovation company and they do can everything to make your outdoor areas comfortable, functional and beautiful. So we met up with the team where they understand our needs and uses for the balcony. For me, I wanted something green and durable in the balcony that’s easy to maintain. With that, they made recommendations (based on budget) and we went ahead with a beautiful and soft artificial turf.


Absolut Outdoors took our balcony measurement and the staff came over to install the turf. From planning to execution, it took about two weeks because I customized a wooden wall. If you have seen my Instagram, you probably have seen how disappointed I was with my wooden flooring with another established company. But at Absolut Outdoors, everything was very smooth sailing and it helps that they have an experienced team of installers who live and breathe outdoor renovation.

Why so? Because Absolut Outdoors uses sports grade landscaping artificial turf from GreenTurf. Not only does it look natural but it is able to retain its lusciousness and form over a longer period of time. Plus, it’s easy to clean by simple vacuum or washing with mild soapy solution.


At the start of my renovation, I still remember my husband telling me that he doesn’t fancy balcony and asked me to give up my idea of having dinners in the balcony. But today, we always have dinners in the balcony and that’s the place for us to chill out with friends and family. What could be more pleasant than having breakfast on your balcony? Even if it is tiny, it still gives you enough space to install a table for two and a few nice decorations. We installed our own pots of artificial plants to beautify the space! Now we just need to wait for the bean bag to arrive to make this space feel extra cozy.

Other than artificial turf, you also have an option to install composite or natural wood decking and they have many designs for you to choose from. But if you have toddles running around barefoot outside, natural wood decking is not recommended as it may splinter over time. Of course, if you are very consistent with maintenance of the decking, it should not be a problem. They can also build an artificial green wall or even customize a wooden swing, or a sandbox for your children.


Not only that, we have also done a beautiful plant structure right above our marble table. This one is super chio and it has become our masterpiece for the living room!

Yup that’s my balcony overhaul. As you can see, we tried to think of various types of decor within the house and I think I have successfully turn my small balcony into a relaxing space. Absolut Outdoors has done outdoor renovations for many homeowners living in landed properties and high-rise apartments in Singapore and are familiar with the rules and regulations of each type of property.

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