Beach Road Kitchen – A Luxurious Christmas Buffet Spread for a Jolly Good Time!

Kimberley Yeo
Kimberley Yeo
November 18, 2021

Long time fans of Beach Road Kitchen will be overjoyed to know that their favourite buffet restaurant will be back in action on 20th November! It’s been awhile since any of us has had the opportunity to indulge in a plethora of cuisines in the cosy setting of Beach Road Kitchen at JW Marriott, but thank heavens, we finally can! I’m not sure about you, but I sure am excited!

Known for its incredible selection of fresh seafood on ice and smoky grilled meats, gourmet pizzas and local cuisines, Beach Road Kitchen is getting ready to welcome diners back with open arms in the form of an alluring feast, complete with some good old Christmas cheer.

While things are a little different than before, we can still rove around the buffet stations showcasing over 40 artfully-plated dishes to build our own solid platters with the help of the warm and friendly Chefs-on-Show. Safety measures are also in place to ensure safe distancing, and minimised contact between staff and diners.

Every second diner can enjoy a 50% discount simply by quoting “MISSTAMCHIAK” upon making your reservation. Blackout dates : 24 and 31 Dec for dinner as well as 25 and 26 Dec for brunch.







The beautiful selection of artisanal cheeses, charcuteries, and cold appetizers, and enchanting array of seafood will surely tempt you to stuff yourself to the brim, but do remember to pace yourself because there’s a whole lot more waiting for you! Well, but how does one resist unlimited servings of snow crabs, prawns, clams, mussels, cured fish, sashimi, and sushi? It’s almost impossible!




As you make your way to the centre of the restaurant, your eyes will naturally be drawn to the captivating display of festive dishes such as Traditional Whole Roasted Turkey with signature gravy and Honey Glazed Ham with rum raisin sauce. The turkey was exceptionally tender and flavourful, and I couldn’t help but return for seconds! The stuffing was surprisingly delicious as well!





The charcoal grill station at Beach Road Kitchen has been a highlight since the very day the restaurant opened its doors. Catering to a multitude of moods and fancies, the station proudly sends out expertly grilled meats and tantalising grilled whole fish.

I will recommend that you place an order for the grilled fish (available for dinner and brunch buffet) right away, as it takes quite a while to be cooked, and I can imagine the wait to be long if everyone rushes for it! The fish was lightly and simply seasoned with just salt and thrown over a roaring fire under the watchful eyes of the chef. And the pristine freshness of the fish was evident in every bite. The firm flesh was so wonderfully juicy, and sweet, and the fish need not even a touch of extra seasoning. That was how phenomenal it was! While we were already almost 80% full by the time we dug into the fish, my dining partner single-handedly finished an entire fish on his own! What an impressive feat, but the fish was definitely even more impressive.

The stunning Oven Roasted Beef Tomahawk (available for brunch buffet) will certainly draw diners to return for extra helpings. After all, who can resist succulent beef grilled to perfection? Not me, that’s for sure!



The Indian food at Beach Road Kitchen cannot be more authentic. Whipped up by a young chef whose family owns an Indian restaurant, the dishes are age-old recipes that have been passed down in the chef’s family through generations. Praises were heard all around for the piping hot curries, and fragrant naans. Even the papadum was a real treat!



Now, how can we miss the attention-grabbing Chilli Crab (available for dinner and brunch buffet)? As I moved closer to the centrepiece sitting pretty in the middle of the Chinese food section, I couldn’t help but think to myself that everything looked so enticing. And I was just doing some odd mental calculations in my head about how much of each item I could eat, and I was forming an “itinerary” of the buffet in my head. “Okay, so I’m going to eat this first, and then this, and that”. If I had stuck closely to my plan, I believe I would have been able to conquer all that I wanted to eat, but, alas! Beach Road Kitchen had other plans for me.




I was quietly contemplating if I should have some pasta, after an impeccable slice of their signature truffle pizza — I was truly spoilt for choice as you can see — but I could hardly breathe by then (my cinched waist dress was bursting).

And just when I thought I could eat no more, Beach Road Kitchen pulled off a series of surprises with foie gras prepared a la minute on toasted brioche and a unique Truffle Roasted Duck (both available for special festive buffet on 24 & 31 Dec dinner and 25 & 26 Dec brunch only). Coated with organic charcoal powder, the strikingly dark-coloured duck was a sight to behold, and it tasted every bit as amazing as it looked. Moist, tender, and juicy, each portion of duck was doused in an aromatic sauce, sprinkled lavishly with fresh black truffle shavings, and complemented with a dollop of Black Beluga lentils. Trust me when I say that you will fall in love with this!




I was already in a food coma when I had to activate my second stomach for desserts. There was absolutely no way I would leave without diving into the dainty creations and handcrafted logcakes that had been calling out to me since I first laid eyes on them. Highlights include the White Chocolate Citrus Logcake, and Sweet Raspberry Logcake, and holiday favourites such as Maple Pecan Pie and Pumpkin Cheese Cake. The poached pear is not to be missed as well! The Aurora Chocolate Logcake (available for takeaway and delivery via was absolutely delicious and every chocoholic’s dream come true.

There’s a reason why so many love the buffet at Beach Road Kitchen, and you will understand why shortly into your visit. Time to make a reservation! Faster fingers first, before all the seats are snapped up!

The festive buffet runs from 20 November 2021 – 2 January 2022.

Saturday Lunch (12pm – 230pm) : Adult $78++, Child $39++
Sunday Brunch (12pm – 3pm) : Adult $118++, Child $59++
Supplement of $60++ per person for free flow champagne, wine, beer & juices
Friday – Sunday, & Thanksgiving Dinner (6pm – 10pm) : Adult $98++, Child $49++

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Every second diner can enjoy a 50% discount simply by quoting “MISSTAMCHIAK” upon making your reservation. Blackout dates : 24 and 31 Dec for dinner as well as 25 and 26 Dec for brunch.

Beach Road Kitchen

Address: JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach, 30 Beach Road, Singapore 189763 (Access via Nicoll Highway)

Phone: +65 6818 1913



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