Bills – The Master of Scrambled Eggs in Sydney

July 20, 2015

Bills Restaurant @ Darlinghurst
Bills Restaurant @ Darlinghurst
Bills Restaurant @ Darlinghurst: The best scrambled eggs in the world
Bills Restaurant @ Darlinghurst: Sweetcorn fritters & fluffy hotcakes with honeycomb butter

I have to admit, I didn’t do much homework before my trip to Sydney. I was tied down with work and all I wanted to do was to get out and go on a wild ride. I have no idea what I will eat or who I will meet. I have only planned 1 or 2 must-do activities, and just let the universe determine the rest.

Thankfully, I get to meet up with Shen Tan. We initially wanted to try Miss G because everyone was raving about it being the best Chinese restaurant in Singapore. But I wasn’t keen after having a so-so meal at the overrated MissChu. So I asked her if she can bring me to her favourite restaurant in Sydney, and we ended at Bills @ Crown Street on a windy night.

I am sure Bills is not a stranger to the foodies. Bill Granger is a self-taught cook who takes pride in presenting delicious food that is simple, fresh and looks irresistible. The dishes in his restaurants are produce-driven food and Shen told me that, Bill’s cookbook is one of those she bought when she first started learning cooking.

We love the dinner and decided to go to his Darlinghurst outlet for brunch the following day. No trip to Sydney is complete without breakfast at a Bills. Bill Granger’s scrambled eggs has been described as the best scrambled eggs in the world. The scrambled eggs is amazing, it’s so soft and smooth. I was told that he doesn’t use water, just simply butter and a cup of cream to do the job. Indeed, it was very creamy and light. The eggs come with thick toast and there are sides available including bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, avocados etc.

Sweetcorn fritters is another dish that Shen recommended me to try. I wasn’t keen about it initially because in my impression, corn fritters are usually too oily. But here, Bill uses very sweet corn to taste their best and this combination works very well with bacon and avocado salsa.

We ended our lunch with another famous dish – fluffy hotcakes with honeycomb butter melting over the top. The hotcakes are fluffy and moist, while the ricotta filling wasn’t overpowering at all it, the ultimate Sunday morning treat. I love the simplicity of his dishes that I bought two of his cookbooks home. I can’t wait to try making the scrambled eggs and hotcakes soon!

Bills Restaurant @ Darlinghurst

Address: 433 Liverpool St. | Darlinghurst, Sydney, New South Wales 2010, Australia
Tel: +61 2 9360 9631