The Original Botak Jones – OG Western Food Brand Opens its Fourth Outlet in Buona Vista!

June 20, 2022

I’m pretty sure the name Botak Jones is not new to many of us. In fact, some of us have been indulging in their classic Western fare since we were kids. Since reopening last year, the team has quickly expanded and has just opened their fourth outlet in Buona Vista, along Holland Drive! Expect to be spoiled for choice at this Certified Muslim Owned Establishment just as you would be at their other outlets!



You absolutely can’t miss the Botak’s Double Beef Burger ($17 for a la carte, $20 for a set) which comes stacked with 2 huge handmade beef patties draped with luscious melted cheese. Expect things to get a tad messy as you dive into this hearty burger as every bite will send bursts of juices oozing out of the well seasoned beef patties. Talk about a delicious mess! The lightly toasted buns that were slightly crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside make this the ultimate gratifying cheat meal. The burger is definitely not too sinful, because there’s still a healthy amount of vegetables present to lend a refreshing crunchy and provide that much-needed dose of fibre.

They also offer their burgers with a single patty ($11 for a la carte, $14 for a set). For those in a silly-goofy-but-i’m-also-starving typa mood, feel free to opt for the U-CRAZY-WHAT?! Burger that comes with THREE whopping patties ($25 for a la carte, $28 for a set)! Think you’re a big eater, take on this burger and see how you do!




One of their signatures, the Cajun Chicken ($8/$13.50) proves to be an all time favourite. It’s topped with a layer of mozzarella cheese, so be sure to dig into it quickly to enjoy that glorious cheese pull! Look forward to some moist and tender char-grilled chicken with a drizzle of spicy cajun sauce that packs a punch. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

To neutralise some of that spice, dig into their house-made Coleslaw. Or, if you can’t get enough of the Cajun Spice, go for their crinkle cut Fries tossed in Cajun seasoning. Because, why not?


Of course, Botak Jones also offers their classic Fish & Chips ($11.50) with Coleslaw and Cajun Fries. The breaded fish is thinner than what we are used to but it certainly does not lose that flakiness we all know and love. So yummy!



One of the items that really surprised us was the thicc 250g Ribeye Steak ($24), which was cooked to perfection. A perfect medium rare, flawlessly juicy, impeccably seasoned — seriously, to die for. The Ribeye Steak also comes in 350g ($30.50), tailored for the meat lovers out there!


Their rendition of Philly Cheesesteak ($12.50 for a la carte, $15.50 for a set) is great for an on-the-go quality meal as well. Thin slices of marinated beef are sauteed with some greens and brown gravy before cheddar cheese is added to the mix. All that goodness is then laid on a bed of mayonnaise spread on a Ciabatta.




Salads are available for those looking for a lighter meal as well. From a no-frills Caesar Salad ($6) and Caesar Chicken ($9.50), to Caesar Fish ($12) and Tuna Salad ($8), Botak Jones has quite a great selection of fresh greens that are bound to delight.

Besides the myriad of mains, the variety of sides are as wide too. On top of the usual Cajun Fries and coleslaw pairing, Botak Jones also has Butter Rice, Baked Beans and a Side Salad.

Diners can also expect premium sides such as a Louisiana Chicken Gumbo ($4) that’s packed with chicken chunks and sausages, and a bowl of creamy Shiitake Mushroom Soup ($3). They also offer a Double Baked Cheese Potato ($5) that is oh-so-creamy!

Grab your kakis and head to any of the 4 Botak Jones outlets for a hearty meal today!


The Original Botak Jones

Address: 43 Holland Drive S270043 | 118 Depot Lane S109754 | 328 Clementi Ave 2 S120328 | 153 Kampong Ampat #07-05 S368326

Phone: 8826 2335

Email Address:

Opening Hours: 11.30am - 3pm & 5pm - 9pm Daily.


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