Cafe FOUND — Stylish Cafe With Beautiful Pastries and Cakes in Ngee Ann City!

Ashley See
Ashley See
January 21, 2022

In the corner of the flagship store of The Editors Market in Ngee Ann City, lies Cafe FOUND, a minimalistic and aesthetically-pleasing cafe. When I first entered, the wide variety of bakes and desserts on display caught my attention. Serving warm pastries, cakes, and more, Cafe FOUND has something for everyone.

cafe found - exterior

cafe found - interior coffee

cafe found - interior

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The granite countertops and tiled flooring is paired with minimalistic furniture — the whole place feels calming, yet inviting.

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cafe found - brioche portrait

cafe found - brioche inside portrait

cafe found - brioche inside landscape

I have always had a penchant for viennoiseries, so the Brioche Feuilletee ($7) was right up my alley. Sourced from Nuage Patisserie & Boulangerie, the pastry was fluffy, and was accompanied by a crispy caramelised top that had hints of cinnamon in it. This did not disappoint.

cafe found - strawberry basil portrait

cafe found - strawberry basil inside portrait

cafe found - cheesecake portrait

cafe found - cheesecake inside portrait

Upon seeing the unique combination, I knew I had to try the Strawberry Basil Square ($8). A collaboration item between the cafe and local small business thoughts, the cake has a basil filling, and it topped with strawberry ganache. I liked how the cake itself was buttery, and was complemented well by  the flavours of strawberry and basil. While I loved the union between sweet and salty flavours, I definitely wished that the basil filling was more evenly distributed and not just concentrated in the centre. Some mouthfuls were lacking the basil component.

The Rare Cheese Cake ($6.50) is Cafe Found’s own take on the classic cheesecake, in a unique log shape. It isn’t your regular rich cheesecake, but features a light whipped cheese portion and a little graham cracker. The lemon flavours, however, were not pronounced, and the portion was rather small as compared to the other items available.

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To go with, I had the Iced White Coffee ($6.50), and a hot Hojicha Latte ($6). Beans for their coffee are from Two Degrees North Coffee Co., and are said to have tasting notes of milk chocolate and honeydew. However, the coffee was just too diluted for any of those flavours to be detected. The Hojicha Latte is new on the menu, and has a strong nutty edge that I enjoyed.

Overall, I like that their menu and coffee selection change regularly so that there are new items to look forward to every once in a while. Cafe FOUND is definitely a great place to kick back and relax with some pastries and cakes if you are in the area.


Address: 391 Orchard Road, B1-16 to 24, Ngee Ann City, 238872

Opening Hours: 10am-930pm daily