Changi Lorong 108 Fei Lao Seafood – Hey Hello Strong Wok Hei!

May 28, 2018

Changi Lorong 108 Fei Lao Seafood is a zi char stall located in Bedok North. According to a few online sources, the stall was first situated along Changi Lorong 108, but have relocated to its current place at Bedok North. My usual go-to dish at any zi char stall is hor fun. For me, a good hor fun, be it beef, seafood, san lou or dry hor fun, must have that characteristic wok hei to it.

What’s so special about this place was the raving reviews about the hor fun. Dubbed the “hor fun of the East”, many have said that the hor fun here carries a wok hei that cannot be matched with any other zi char stalls.

Despite it being a Monday, the coffee shop was packed. Many diners were already tucking into their plates of hor fun, while the rest were waiting patiently in line for their turn. Upon ordering, the auntie told me that there was a 30 minute wait for the food.

changi lorong 108-5

The Mixed Hor Fun (Kway Teow) with Gravy ($5) was really worth the wait. Apart from San Lo Hor Fun, the flat rice sheets in hor fun are usually covered with brown gravy, but at Fei Lao Seafood, the large kway teow sheets remained pale in colour with occasional charred marks.

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Although the dish looked haphazardly put together, it tasted much better than it looked. The hor fun had the signature wok hei that was so raved about by the online community. There was an explosion of smokiness and savouriness, which could only be achieved from a very strong flame, and a skilled use of the Chinese wok. In fact, while we were waiting for our food, we could smell the aroma of wok hei that filled the whole coffee shop.

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We also tried their homemade Ngoh Hiang ($10). The discs of stuffed meat turned out fragrant and moist, with chunks of water chestnuts studded throughout that gave it a nice crunch and burst of refreshing sweetness. There was no overpowering taste of five spice powder either. 

I look forward to trying more of their zi char dishes the next time I visit Changi Lorong 108 Fei Lao Seafood and of course, no visit here is complete without an order of their signature hor fun.

changi lorong 108

Changi Lorong 108 Fei Lao Seafood

Address: #01-165 Blk 86 Bedok North Street 4, Singapore 460086

Phone: 6346 4116

Opening Hours: Wednesdays to Mondays: 11am to 2pm, 5pm to 9pm, closed on Tuesdays. made an anonymous visit and paid its own meal at the stall featured here.

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