Cowboy Beef Noodles – Cheng Kee Beef Kway Teow Founders Retire, Passing on the Reins to Disciple

March 19, 2024

For loyal patrons of Cheng Kee Beef Kway Teow in Kovan, the news of the owners retiring might have brought mixed feelings. After all, their bowls of comforting beef noodles had a way of drawing customers back time and again. However, there’s a silver lining to this retirement news : Oscar, who has been diligently working as an assistant at Cheng Kee for a solid decade, has stepped up to the plate.



Now at the helm of the stall, Oscar has rebranded the stall to Cowboy Beef Noodles (牛仔牛肉粿條). Fear not, the spirit of Cheng Kee lives on, albeit with a fresh twist. Opening its doors from the early morning hours till nightfall, Cowboy Beef Noodles ensures that patrons can indulge in their beloved beef noodles at any time of the day.

One glance at the stall’s signboard confirms that even though the name has changed, the legacy remains. A playful addition by Oscar, “百年老店 – 还差九十几年,” humorously suggests that this establishment is well on its way to becoming a century-old institution.

The transition isn’t just in name alone. While maintaining the essence of the original recipes, Oscar has dedicated himself to refining the taste of the dishes.




Steaming bowls of beef noodles continue to be the star of the show — a testament to Oscar’s commitment to preserving tradition. For those seeking the ultimate beefy experience, the Signature Beef Noodle ($12) version is a must-try, featuring a tantalizing combination of succulent tendon, bouncy beef balls, and a robust, beefy broth that sings on the palate.

Oscar has introduced a new Thai-inspired chilli to accompany the beef noodles, adding an extra oomph to the already tantalizing dish.



I found the Dry Mixed Beef Kway Teow ($7) to be an absolute delight. The tender beef paired with silky kway teow was a harmonious blend of textures. The gelatinous beef gravy was not overly thick, and exuded a pleasant beefy taste that’s enhanced by the addition of chopped salted vegetables.

But what truly elevated the dish was the inclusion of chincalok. This tangy condiment added a refreshing edge to the beef — its zest complementing the sweetness of the onions perfectly. The light tang of the onions cut through the broth, and lent a refreshing contrast. Unlike the overly salty chincalok found elsewhere, this version added just the right amount of flavour without overpowering the dish.


Despite setting carb-conscious intentions for this week, I found it hard to resist slurping every last strand of the beef noodles. So, whether you’re a longtime fan of Cheng Kee Beef Kway Teow or simply loves beef noodle, make sure to pay a visit to Cowboy Beef Noodles. With Oscar at the helm, long time fans are in good hands here. Just be prepared to queue during busy times.

Cowboy Beef Noodles (牛仔牛肉粿條)

Address: 203 Hougang Street 21 #01-89, Singapore 530203

Opening Hours: 8am to 8pm daily