Curious Palette @ Prinsep Street – By the same folks behind Stranger’s Reunion

November 05, 2015

Curious Palette

By the same folks behind Stranger’s Reunion, Curious Palette was established recently at Prinsep Street. The 200-seat restaurant now houses a coffee roaster, as well as a space for events on the second storey. There are 2 food menus – one is All Day Breakfast, serving from 12 to 6pm. The other is Dinner menu serving from 6.30pm. Soups, salad, light bites, waffles and desserts are served all day. Of course, there coffee as well because the owner Ryan is a national barista!

Curious Palette Truffle Fries & Boneless Chicken Wings
Curious Palette Pan Seared Salmon & Pan Grilled Baby Squid

We started with light bites which include Truffle Fries ($14.90) and Boneless Chicken Wings ($9.80/3pc). The former was topped with shaved parmesan cheese and truffle salt, served with aioli sauce which is a popular choice for cafe hoppers. The latter is a great Thai inspired dish where the bones of the chicken are removed with stuffed with aromatic chicken filling and Thai chilli sauce. They can do better with the sauce, in my opinion. They have also come up with pork scratching – a bowl of crackling pig skin which was a little too light for my liking.

The Pan Grilled Baby Squid ($12.90) was decent with tender pieces of squid resting atop a pile of rocket salad. However, I was rather disappointed with the Pan Seared Salmon ($18.90) during my visit. Yes, it’s a party on the plate with grilled Halloumi cheese, bacon scone, poached egg, guacamole, arugula, semi-dried tomatoes and honey mustard dressing. No, the fish was a little dry and the poached egg was overdone that day.

Curious Palette Beef Steak
Curious Palette Chicken Leg with Pumpkin Risotto & Scotch eggs

Things got better when we reached the mains. I have been addicted to Scotch eggs since I first encountered them a while back. The eggs are, seemingly, one of the most basic concepts of cooking. And yet my appetite and enthusiasm for them is, apparently, without boundry. Here, the eggs were done golden and crunchy — I joyfully ate them up, alternating bites with cauliflower fritters. It would have been better if the meat is given more punchier, but it’s okay, I think it’s just me.

The Chicken Leg with Pumpkin Risotto is not only beautiful in its presentation but the taste too. Prepared in confit style and seasoned with ginger, the chicken leg is tender and flavourful. Pairing with fluffy pumpkin risotto, the dish is finished with chilli foam. The Smoked Lamb Short Rib is served with compressed pineapple, sweet potato fries and mint jelly. Mint jelly is a brilliant idea and it feels like I am spreading “butter” on the lamb.

My favourite is the the Beef Steak which has been sous vide for 48 hours to achieve a soft and tender consistency. Red wine sherry reduction is added and accompanied with baby carrot and pencil asparagus. There is no big surprises but I can say that the beef is well executed.

Curious Palette Waffle

Waffles and coffee are crowd-pleasers at all Ryan’s cafe, as evident in Stranger’s Reunion and Waffle Slayers. Offerings include buttermilk waffles with gula melaka and coconut cream ($14.50), or buttermilk waffles with wine-poached pear and walnut crumble ($15.50).

Or try the picture-perfect Berry Ricotta Hotcake ($18.90) with fresh berries, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and vanilla bean ice cream. Pour some maple syrup into the moist and fluffy hotcake to get maximum pleasure. It’s enjoyable with cold vanilla ice cream giving a great contrast. Don’t forget to pair the desserts with coffee (from $3.50).

Curious Palette

Address: 64 Prinsep Street, Singapore 188667
Tel: +65 62381068
Opening Hours: Sun-Mon, Wed-Thu: 9am – 10pm;
Fri-Sat: 9am – 12midnight. Closed on Tue

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