Singapore Realtor Dr Dennis Wee Is Now Selling Hokkien Mee Online For Charity

August 05, 2021

Real estate agency boss Dr Dennis Wee has found a new hobby to keep himself busy after retirement. And that is to start a home-based business selling hokkien mee.


Before the pandemic, he would fry his famous hokkien mee every Chinese New Year for 200 of his property agents to thank them for their hard work. He has also cooked hokkien mee at the Great CEO Charity Cookout.

Dennis has received a lot of requests for his Hokkien Mee and he finally agreed to cook it for sale to his close friends. It was a hit and Dennis’s daughter, Daphne, started to offer extras for sale on her Instagram. It got so popular that they have created their own Instagram page @hokkienmeemaster and an ordering page.




Even though Dennis is a well-known realtor, he is a foodie at heart. His late father Jolly Wee is a pioneer Perankan chef in Singapore. But he learnt how to cook Hokkien Mee from his old neighbour.

“My old neighbour used to sell hokkien mee on a tricycle along Telok Kurau. I helped out a few times and learnt what he did. I love hokkien mee and I like to go around trying the best hokkien mee places in Singapore. I see how they do and adapt it.”

His hokkien mee is indeed different. He goes to the market with his wife to buy the fresh ingredients. His wife does all the preparation work and that includes cooking the prawn broth for long hours to achieve that lovely crustacean flavour.

Then he cooks the noodles in batches and adds a generous amount of fried shallots into the noodles and topped them with fresh prawns, sotong, fried ikan bilis, lard, lime, sliced red and green chilli, house-made sambal, and finely minced fresh coriander.


If you prefer dry Hokkien Mee, this would suit your palate. Every box is overflowing with yellow noodles and thin rice vermicelli, which had completely soak in all those lip-smacking flavours from the prawn stock. The prawns are really juicy and crunchy. Their house-made sambal belachan makes the dish extraordinary and a squeeze of zingy calamansi lime, piled on even more layers of flavour.


A small portion is priced at $28, while a regular portion (which feeds two) costs $38. If you have a big family, order the Platter ($88) which is good for five to six pax. A portion of the proceed will be donated to charity.

Dennis only fries up to five or six batches throughout the day and you need to head to their house in Tanjong Katong to pick up your order, or arrange for courier to pick it up.

They currently only cook 2-3 times a week so check out their Instagram @hokkienmeemaster for updates.