Indulge in Authentic Malay Cuisine at Fame by Dad’s Corner, Located in ITE College West

March 04, 2024

What a delightful surprise we stumbled upon in the most unexpected of places! Thanks to Adam from the halal food blog, we unearthed a hidden culinary gem, offering an array of authentic “lauk kampung” cuisine, nestled within ITE College West. Imagine fresh ingredients, meticulously prepared upon order, culminating in a feast for the senses.



The Asam pedas ikan Merah ($28), served in a claypot, was a hearty delight. It boasts a harmonious blend of spices and tomatoes. The gravy was excellent—first, we tasted a lovely sourness that got our appetites going, followed by a nice hint of spiciness. The dish was not too spicy, which ws good because it let the fish shine. That’s the beauty of Asam Pedas—it’s all about the right balance of sourness and spiciness. Plus, the fish head was fresh and tender, making every bite delightful.


For those with a penchant for dishes that pack some heat, the Lemak Padi Ribeye Beef ($25) is an absolute must-try. This dish is a perfect fusion of rich yellow coconut gravy and tender beef, enhanced by the fiery kick of chilli padi. We opted for ribeye beef instead of the usual chicken. The beef was expertly seared and sliced, then generously coated in the lemak chilli padi sauce. However, a word of caution: the gravy is potent. Despite beads of perspiration forming on my forehead, I couldn’t resist going back for more.


The Sambal Petai Prawn ($24) was aromatic, spicy, and utterly delectable. The prawns and petai offered a satisfying crunch, perfectly complemented by the dry sambal coating. The prawns, sizable and fresh, retained their succulence, while the sambal was fragrant and tasty.


The Masak Kicap Chicken ($16) is like a taste of home for me. It’s a Malay-style dish cooked in a sweet and spicy soy sauce gravy. It’s not just soy sauce; there’s a mix of spices that makes it delicious. This dish is perfect with hot rice.




Other noteworthy dishes include Sotong curry, Sea bass samba serai, and Masak Kicap Siput Sedut, each contributing to the diverse tapestry of traditional home-cooked fare at Fame. If you are looking for an authentic taste of home-cooked Malay cuisine, visit Fame!

FAME by Dads Corner

Address: 1 Choa Chu Kang Grove, ITE College West #02-02, Singapore 688236

Phone: 8850 1617