Fook Seng Goldenhill Chicken Rice – Hole-in-the-Wall Eatery that Serves Tender Chicken Rice

May 21, 2019

We love chicken rice. When I need a quick lunch at a hawker centre, I will have a plate of chicken rice.


I have read a lot about Fook Seng GoldenHill Chicken Rice (负成金山鸡饭) online and I finally made it there. Located in the quiet Jalan Rumah Tinggi, Fook Seng is a standalone eatery in the residential estate (there is even an abolished bus terminal there).


The menu here is very simple. A plate of chicken rice starts from $2, but you can order the superior and premium version at $3 and $5 respectively.

The chicken here is kinda prepared medium well. The firm chicken is juicy, very tender and smooth. The chicken is topped with a slight drizzle of sesame oil and soy sauce. I don’t quite like having sesame oil in my chicken because it will mask the natural sweetness of the meat so I asked the aunty not to be too generous with the oil.

The husband loves the rice but I thought it didn’t have enough flavour. It wasn’t too oily, so that’s good. Each plate of chicken rice comes with a small bowl of chicken soup with sliced cabbage.


The chilli, which is made fresh with a combination of red chillies and small chillies, packed a spicy kick. I like it because it has the right amount of tang. Sadly, I find their ginger sauce too watery.

I also ordered a portion of baby bak choy which left me a very happy girl. They used to be popular for their raw fish, which unfortunately is no longer available.

It was an enjoyable lunch, I must say. I’ll come back if I am in the area, and craving for chicken rice.

Fook Seng Goldenhill Chicken Rice (负成金山鸡饭)

Address: Block 37 Jalan Rumah Tinggi #01-431 Singapore 150037

Opening Hours: 9am to 4pm daily