FYRE Bak Kwa – A New Taste Of Tradition

Esther Yeon
Esther Yeon
January 05, 2021

Chinese New Year is the time where we celebrate all things new as well as centuries-old traditions, and that’s exactly what FYRE Singapore is all about — a new and exciting addition to our local food scene that’s shedding new light on time-tested recipes. Refined and built on the age old traditions of bak kwa making, FYRE Singapore, is dedicated to sending out Lychee and Apple Wood bak kwa that is made according to recipes created by chefs who have had decades of experience, and aims to deliver bak kwa that pleases the palates of Singaporeans. Hence, the birth of an extraordinary flavour — Mala Xiang Guo ($128/kg) — on top of their signature and classic Original 1945 ($118/kg) Lychee and Apple Wood bak kwa.

In the pursuit of excellence, FYRE Singapore has spent lots of time on research and development. As a purveyor of premium meat since 1945, they embraced traditions and leveraged on technological advancements to produce top quality bak kwa.


A reinvented classic flavour, the Original 1945 Bak Kwa is made from premium pork loin and jowl. The use of such unique cuts is a game-changer — the bak kwa is neither tough nor dry, and has a great texture and taste.


The Original 1945 Bak Kwa is easy to bite through. The tenderness of the meat is noteworthy and exceptional. It had the right amount of sweetness that came from being smoked with Lychee and Apple wood. The Original Bak Kwa is fresh and tender so it’s great for both the young and old to enjoy. You can have the bak kwa by itself in its full glory or add it to your salads or fried rice after the festive season! Refer to their instructional card for more details on how to heat up the bak kwa to optimise the experience.


We appreciate that each and every piece of Lychee and Apple Wood bakkwa is individually vacuum packed. This allows the moisture and flavours to be locked in. Remember how bakkwa is usually wrapped in a huge piece of oilproof paper and how you have to rewrap the parcel after taking out a few pieces each time? It might be a small inconvenience, but it still is a hassle to unpack and repack the bakkwa. Also, opening the entire parcel to extract a few pieces of bakkwa exposes the whole stack to air, and whatnot, and the bakkwa might potentially lose its original texture and taste. Hence, FYRE’s brilliant decision to introduce individually-packed bakkwa is very much welcomed. You don’t have to worry about serving your guests stale bakkwa, or worry about when the remaining bakkwa might go bad since you can open just the number of packets you need. Now, you can rest assured that you have perfect bakkwa all through the festive period.


FYRE Singapore’s Bakkwa is armed with a strong fragrance and this is the result of a painstakingly long preparation process that each slice of Bakkwa goes through. FYRE Singapore marinates its meat with 36 spices for a month (wow, we know) to ensure that the meat absorbs all the flavours completely. Afterwhich, it is smoked with lychee and apple wood, one of the best woods for meat smoking. It is then meticulously barbequed over a charcoal masonry — the old school way.


Riding on the Mala wave, FYRE created a Mala Xiang Guo Bakkwa, a unique and innovative take on the old and familiar. Mala is easily one of Singaporeans’ greatest loves in recent years, and FYRE is confident that their newly launched product will be a huge hit amongst all who love a good ma la xiang guo or hotpot. This is the one new year goodie that your guests will be raving about.

Indeed, the bakkwa packs the good old authentic Mala flavours. If you love spicy food and you want to up the ante this CNY with a mouth numbing number, this is for you. On the first bite, you would note how tender it is, and the lovely and distinct aroma of the various spices. Within seconds, you will start to feel the build-up of a substantial ma (麻/numb) on your tongue.


The numbness is not too overwhelming and is, in actual fact, very addictive. You will soon find yourself reaching for another piece because that’s just how good it is. For fans and lovers of mala xiang guo, you would not want to miss out on this. If you have not tried mala xiang guo, why not start with FYRE’s Mala Xiang Guo bak kwa? You might just fall in love with it, and become a mala xiang guo addict after! Spice up your CNY this year with this unique bak kwa!


What’s more, you don’t have to stand in line under the hot sun for FYRE’s bakkwa! There is free delivery for orders above $300! Get yours online now at www.fyresg.com while stocks last. As each and every slice of Bak kwa is handmade, stocks are limited. Be the lucky few to get your hands on our premium Bak kwa.

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