Granny’s Pancake – A Taste of Nostalgia for Only $1

Christle Teo
Christle Teo
October 03, 2022

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Want a way to reminisce about old times? Have a piece of mee jiang kueh from Granny’s Pancake to bring you back in time. Granny’s Pancake has more than 10 franchise outlets across the island. We visited their OG store in Ghim Moh Market & Food Centre, and were definitely not disappointed!

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The pancakes are constantly being made in the kitchen behind and you can see the uncle packing the pancakes with their respective fillings and then cutting them up into smaller slices. The pancakes move fast from the shelf in the mornings as patrons come and go, so you can be sure that your pancake will be fresh from the stove!

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One bite into the mee jiang kueh and you can taste its goodness, from the batter to the fillings. The pancake is moist yet fluffy, and while it is soft, it is also a bit chewy to the bite. If you are lucky to get the edges which have the crust, you’re in for a treat! The crusts which are just thin slices of batter give the pancake some crisp which makes it even better.

Keeping their menu simple, they have only 4 flavours on sale; coconut, red bean, peanut, and their speciality, peanut + peanut butter. The pancakes are also kept affordable at only $1 (red bean, peanut), $1.10 (coconut), and $1.20 (peanut butter) per piece.

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Their specialty, the Peanut + Peanut Butter Pancake is a must try over here. A twist from the normal Peanut Pancake, the peanut butter gives the pancake an extra punch. Lovers of peanut butter, Granny’s Pancake has got your back. The peanut butter is spread generously over the mee jiang kueh and together with the crushed peanuts, it’s almost sinful. It is difficult not to take another bite of the crunchy yet creamy pancake. Another perk the peanut butter brings is that it helps to stick the peanuts to the pancake so they will not constantly fall out of your mee jiang kueh!

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While the red bean pancake was a bit underwhelming for me as I’m not a red bean fan, the coconut pancake definitely was satisfactory. The shredded coconut is prepared with orange coloured sugar, giving the coconut its bright orange colour. It had just the right amount of sweetness and it gave the pancake a slight crunch even though the coconut was moist. For sure, it was worth the $1.10 as they surely do not skimp on the fillings put in the pancakes.

There is always time to have a mee jiang kueh with a cup of kopi or teh. Head down to a branch near you and give Granny’s Pancake a try!

Granny's Pancake

Address: 20 Ghim Moh Road, #01-52, Singapore 270020

Opening Hours: 5.30am-4pm daily made anonymous visit and paid its own meal at the stall featured here.

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