Great Budget Meal Hunt – Find, Identify, Submit, Verify Budget Meal Recommendations

May 20, 2024

To help Singaporeans manage the cost of living and make affordable meal options more accessible, the Housing Development Board (HDB) and Government Technology Agency (GovTech) have launched the BudgetMealGoWhere portal. The portal currently lists about 130 HDB rental coffee shops that offer budget meals at $3.50 and drinks for $1.20 or less.

Complementing the BudgetMealGoWhere portal, the Great Budget Meal Hunt is aimed at foodie Singaporeans and fosters community sharing. It encourages the public to verify user-submitted or existing budget meals listed on BudgetMealGoWhere through the CrowdTaskSG portal. Additionally, the public is also encouraged to submit budget meal recommendations from the remaining 246 rental HDB coffee shops and 402 privately-owned HDB coffee shops not featured on the BudgetMealGoWhere portal. These recommendations will be progressively added to the BudgetMealGoWhere portal.

How to join The Great Budget Meal Hunt
1. You have to be a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident aged 18 and above
2. Visit and click on “Start Hunting!” (or access it via LifeSG app)
3. Login with your Singpass
4. Visit any coffee shop, search and select your current location, then submit and verify budget food or drink options.
By completing the challenges on the quest page, users can gain stars and level up to unlock different elements of the Great Budget Meal Hunt, such as Badges and more complex challenges.

Ding Ji Teochew Noodles 2A Eunos Cres, #01-2431, Singapore 401002

How to find Budget Meals with BudgetMealGoWhere:
Simply key in your postal code in the search box on the BudgetMealGoWhere portal and click the ‘GO’ button. The site will list the coffee shops and the available budget meals options, starting with those located within 2 km of the postal code. (The public can also access the platform via the LifeSG app and website.

Visit a coffee shop of your choice. When you’re at the coffee shop, you can quickly identify participating stalls as they will sport eye-catching orange Budget Meal decals.



Tenderbest @ Eunos Crescent 2A Eunos Cres, Singapore 401002

Submissions via the Great Budget Meal Hunt will be progressively added to the BudgetMealGoWhere portal.

Looking ahead, budget meals and drinks will be offered at all 374 HDB rental coffee shops by 2026. HDB rental coffee shops due for tenancy renewal have to offer budget meal and drink options as a condition of lease renewal. To ease operators’ transition into offering budget meal options, HDB will offer a 5% rental discount and encourage them to provide more affordable food options to residents, while balancing their business sustainability.



Here are some coffee shops that offer a wide range of budget meals that you might want to consider visiting :

BLK 679 JURONG WEST CENTRAL 1 #01-02, S640679
1. Shredded Chicken Hor Fun ($3.00)
2. Fried Noodle With Hot Dog & Egg ($2.20)
3. Assorted Mui Fan ($3.00)
4. Economy Rice (2 Veg & 1 Meat) ($3.00)
5. Vegetarian Economy Bee Hoon ($3.00)
6. Curry Chicken Set ($3.00)
7. Bee Hoon Soup with Minced Meat ($3.00)
8. Chicken Karaage Rice ($3.50)
9. Kopi O ($1.00)
10. Teh O ($1.00)

BLK 119 BT MERAH LANE 1 #01-40, S151119
1. Hor Fun ($3.50)
2. Seafood Bee Hoon Soup ($3.50)
3. Mee Soto ($3.50) – Halal
4. Mee Rebus ($3.50) – Halal
5. Lontong ($3.50) – Halal
6. Rice & Chicken Wing & Egg ($3.00)
7. Kopi O ($1.00)
8. Teh O ($1.00)

BLK 417 YISHUN AVE 11 #01-351, S760417
1. Minced Meat Noodles Dry ($3.00)
2. Minced Meat Noodles Soup ($3.00)
3. Century Egg Porridge ($3.00)
4. Chicken Porridge ($3.50)
5. Fishball Noodle Dry ($3.00)
6. Fishball Noodle Soup ($3.00)
7. Fishball Vermicelli Noodles ($3.00)
8. Laksa ($3.00)
9. Lontong ($3.50)
10. Mee Siam ($3.30)
11. Steamed Chicken Rice ($3.50)

BLK 215C COMPASSVALE DR #01-06, S543215
1. Economy Noodle Soup ($2.50)
2. Noodle with Beef & Vegetable ($3.50)
3. Mee Rebus ($3.50)
4. Seaweed Egg Flower Soup with Rice ($3.00)
5. Fried Bee Hoon with Vegetable and Minced Mutton ($3.50) – Halal
6. Rice with Chicken Wing and Coleslaw ($3.00)
7. Kopi O ($1.00)
8. Teh O ($1.00)

This post is brought to you by the Ministry of National Development.