Guest Hawkers from Penang at Malaysian Food Street

April 24, 2015



Malaysian Food Street is bringing in three guest hawkers from Penang, who will be presenting their signature dishes from 20 April to 10 May. They are Hafaz from Mamak Mee Goreng of Penang Swee Kong Kopitiam, Ah Heng of Ah Heng Koay Teow Th’ng and the Kang family known for their Beef Noodles.



First in my stomach is the Beef Hor Fun Soup ($8). I didn’t catch which part of Penang this beef hor fun came from. Even after probing and googling, I still couldn’t find any results. Neverthless, you are treated to dark and tasty broth of the Beef Noodles that is made with beef brisket, shank and tripe. I requested for its specialised chilli because I assumed they should have accompanying punchy vinegar chili sauce. However, I was quite disappointed that they don’t have it. Instead, we were given soy sauce with red chilli.


The Mamak Mee Goreng dish ($6.50) is made by second generation hawker, Hafaz, who took over his father’s shop. The sinfully spicy fried noodles mixed with crunchy bits of Indian fried batter is a hit with many Penangnites and tourists. This is probably one of the better dish I have tasted at Malaysian Food Street. It comes with chewy, toothsome cuttlefish, potatoes, eggs, and moistened with lots of their signature reddish gravy which gives a balance of spicy and sweet flavours.


Also serving up at Malaysian Food Street is Kuay Teow Th’ng ($6) by hawker Ah Heng. They do not make their own fishballs, but takes effort to create a sweet drink pork ribs soup. Perfect if you wish to have something light.


There are other promotional items by the regular hawkers which is also available from 20th April to 10th May. One of them is Penang Ah Mei Hokkien Prawn Mee stall who made the Prawn Mee Soup with ‘Lor’ sauce ($6.50). This is quite interesting to me as I have tried prawn mee and lor mee seperately but haven’t had a combination of both before. Love it because the prawn mee is elevated with the addition of lor sauce.



KL Jalan Alor Hokkien Mee is renowned for the dark sauce that gives the noodles a fragrant aroma and succulent flavour. With a recipe perfected over 30 years, this Kuala Lumpur signature dish is truly one to savour. Fried Lou See Fun ($6.50) is done KL Hokkien Mee style with black sauce and chilies. It is available from 20th April to 10th May.



I probably have carb overload now, but I cannot resist a bowl of curry mee ($5.50). Which reminds me of the two old sisters selling curry mee. Differing from the local version with its lavish toppings of prawns, squid and tau pok, this piping hot bowl of Penang Curry Mee has a rich and fragrant coconut base bursting with spicy goodness. It is a regular item in Malaysia Food Street.


Char Koay Teow needs no introduction but when it is prepared by the Lim Brothers, this delectable dish of fragrant noodles fried in soya sauce. With over 50 years in the business, the Lim Brothers are synonymous with this delicious and well-loved dish. Unfortunately, there was no wok hei on my plate of char koay teow that day. A regular item in Malaysia Food Street, it is priced at $5.50 without egg and $6 with egg.


Another highlight of my lunch is the huge pot of Braised Pork Knuckle with Vinegar ($20) that is only available from 20th April to 10th May. It is an old traditional Cantonese recipe originally formulated for mothers after birth. I love it for its full vinegar and ginger aroma, plus the tender pieces of each pig trotter which makes me go “I want to eat rice!”.

Lightroom Edit

From a home-based pastry business more than 100 years ago to a firmly established brand name in Kuala Lumpur today, Fung Wong Confectionery brings its rich traditions to Resorts World Sentosa. Unrivalled in taste, the original recipes are still used to bake the ever-popular items, including crispy Char Siew Bao and fragrant egg tarts. From 20th April to 10th May, they are also having Durian Puff promotion at $2.80 per piece, with minimum purchase of 2.


The sweet taste of Malaysia is found on this side of the Malaysian Food Street. From famous Penang cendol and ice kacang to black glutinous rice and sweet potato soup, we offer a tantalising variety to satisfy the sweet tooth.

You Eat, You Vote, You Win!
From now till 10 May, you are invited to a battle of the hawkers at Malaysian Food Street. The ‘You Eat, You Vote, You Win!’ competition sees the hawkers fight it out for your votes to win the title of ‘Favourite Hawker Dish at MFS’. To cast your vote, just spend $8 in a single receipt to make sure your favourite hawker dish gets the title. By voting you will also stand to win prizes of up to $5,000 including a 2-night stay at one of RWS’ hotels. Also, to ensure as many diners can try the dishes and vote, Malaysian Food Street will remain open all week long during the promotion period.

Malaysian Food Street @ Resorts World Sentosa
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Opening hours: Mon to Thu 11am – 10pm. Fri & Sat 9am – 11pm. Sun 9am – 10pm (Only for this promotional period. After 10 May 2015, normal operating hours resume. They will be closed every Wednesday)