Jin Jin Hot / Cold Dessert @ ABC Brickworks Food Centre – Power Chendol Very Powerful!

May 29, 2015

Jin Jin Hot/Cold Dessert
Jin Jin Hot/Cold Dessert: Owner

I first got to know the guys from Jin Jin Hot/Cold Desserts during Ultimate Hawker Fest 2014 when they had a stall selling their signature gangster ice and power chendol. It’s consistently long queue at their stall during the festival and they were sold out even before the event ended.

To many old residents living near ABC Food Centre and Market, Jin Jin Hot/Cold Desserts has a very nostalgic value. The original owner gave up the shop but Calvin and Ewan kept the brand and revived the business. Both of them were totally not F&B trained to begin with. One of them was in insurance, while the other used to be a DJ. They wanted to set up a beer garden initially but didn’t work out. By chance, they were introduced to Jin Jin and the rest was history.

Jin Jin Hot/Cold Dessert: Durian/Mango Ice

Calvin and Ewan went to all the different desserts shop in Singapore to try out all the different sort of desserts. I think what they did very well, was marketing. Their famous “Liu Mang Bing” (Durian/ Mango Ice, $3) is still a great hit among youngster till date. I love their playful take on naming this simple dessert. Do you know that the name Gangster Ice is now a registered trademark. Even though the mango cubes was slightly tangy that day, it was balanced with the generous scoop of durian puree and condensed milk.

Jin Jin Hot/Cold Dessert: Red Ruby Ice

Surprisingly, indeed very surprisingly, my favourite was the red ruby. Probably because the chunks of water chestnut stained ruby red are quite large. It has just the right amount of tapioca flour to give them a chewy texture.

Jin Jin Hot/Cold Dessert: Power Chendol

Another must try is the Power Chendol. Ewan being half Indonesian, a place where Chendol was known best, placed great emphasis of having the original Chendol. The owners use premium raw gula melaka from Indonesia and cook it painstaking everyday themselves. The special gula melaka sauce has a sticky texture like caramel and a hint of saltiness. So power, now can I have more gula melaka please?

Jin Jin Hot/Cold Dessert

Address: ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre 6 Jalan Bukit Merah #01-20, Singapore 150008
Opening hours: 12pm to 12am daily
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JinJinDessertClub
Website: http://www.jinjindessertclub.com

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