Joe & The Juice Opens at Chevron House – 7 Fun & Healthy Juices for Different Moods!

December 07, 2015

Danish lifestyle brand, Joe & The Juice, opens their first juice bar in Chevron House. Since its first opening in Copenhagen in 2002, the fun and health-focused juice bar has become a cult favorite in 70 cities across Europe, including London, Stockholm, Hamburg, Oslo, New York, Nice, Reykjavik, Korea and now Singapore!

Joe & The Juice

If there were ever a place that subtly demanded an effortless fusion between cool and well, Joe & The Juice would be first in line for the crown. There is an unspoken criterion for all the juicers to ooze style and create an atmosphere to welcome any intrigued healthy eater. The guys behind the counter talk and sing together, performed some tricks here and there while preparing the juices. It’s entertaining and engaging! Who knows juicing can be so fun!

The concept answers Singapore’s distinctive shift towards healthy diets and the need for a quick pick-me-up. There’s an abundance of vibrantly fabulous options to choose from including an Avo Shake, Breakfast Club and Coffee, followed by a juice collection of many, perfectly labelled with names like ‘Hangover Heaven’, ‘Iron Man’, ‘Peas of Mind’ etc.

With such an extensive menu, no matter how you are feeling, there really is something to see to everyone’s preferences. We have listed 7 must-try juices based on different moods, enjoy!

Joe & The Juice

For the needy (in bed)…

One of the more interesting drink (and apparently a popular one) is Sex Me Up ($6.90 for 12oz; $8.90 for 16 oz). Made with passion fruit, apple and ginger, it is a delicious way to get you and your partner in the mood. I don’t really know how true, but well, it tasted really good!

Joe & The Juice: Ginger Shot

For the sleepy heads…

You might not like the spicy taste and exotic scent of ginger, but trust me; this Ginger Shot ($3 for 2 oz) is really good! When juiced with sweet apples, it increases the nutritional content while adding a pleasantly spicy taste – a surefire way to wake up the senses! You can either have it first thing each morning, or in the afternoon for a natural energy boost, rather than a coffee break.

Joe & The Juice: Sweet Beet

For those who wish to look younger…

Beet juice might not be incredibly delicious on its own but adding apple and fennel sweetens it and boosts the overall antioxidants. Sweet Beet ($7.20 for 12oz; $9.20 for 16 oz) is a thick drink packed with nutrients. It has an earthy taste and helps protect against premature aging.

Joe & The Juice: Fibre Active

For those with indigestion…

With 3.2 grams of dietary fibre, avocados have the highest concentration of dietary fibre of any commonly eaten fruit. If you have been squatting on the toilet bowl for a long time, how about having a cup of Fibre Active ($7.20 for 12oz; $9.20 for 16 oz)? Consisting of avocado, apple and lemon, this high-fibre drink can help lower cholesterol and improve digestive health.

Joe & The Juice: Hangover Heaven

For those who drank too much last night …

For hangover fuel, skip the typical chips and pizza, and grab a cup of Hangover Heaven ($6.90 for 12oz; $8.90 for 16 oz). Made with apple, elderflower and mint, the sugar in fruit helps to naturally boost the body’s energy. You’ll restore the vitamins and nutrients that were lost from last night’s binge. (Plus, when a handsome ang moh makes the drinks for you, you’ll sure to feel better instantly!)

Joe & The Juice: Stress Down

For those who are too stressed at work …

Sometimes, all you need is a little sweetness in life. Whether you’ve lost your appetite or you can’t control your temper, have a cup of Stress Down ($6.90 for 12oz; $8.90 for 16 oz)! High in magnesium, strawberries can help reduce anxiety and irritability. Adding apple and ginger, it will definitely make you feel better after a stressful day!

Joe & The Juice: Power Shake

For the hungry ones…

Introducing the most famous drink in Joe & The Juice – Power Shake ($6.90 for 12oz; $8.90 for 16 oz)! Made with strawberry, banana and vanilla milk, this protein-rich shake will fill you up for hours. Vanilla milk is the key to a satisfying shake. It has a really subtle, natural sweetness and makes the shake silky and delightful.

Joe & The Juice: Tunacado

Besides the drinks selection, Joe & The Juice also offers wholegrain rye bread sandwiches prepared on the spot. I really love the “Tunacado” ($11.50) filled with tomato, avocado, and of course tuna, flat pressed and lightly toasted on rye bread to create an equally light lunch time snack. Other options include Turkey ($10.50), Avocado ($10.50), Serrano ($11.50) and much more.

Joe & The Juice uses a unique blend of coffee beans that have been specially blended. There’s no extra charge if you want to up your caffeine intake with a double shot in your latte and you choose your cup size—in pink, purple, yellow or grey. Prices start from $3.50.


Great tip: pick up a loyalty card and save $$ while getting your favourite drinks and sandwiches at your convenience! For instance, pay $45 upfront for a latte Joe card and enjoy 10 cups of coffee in ANY size with ANY amount of shots ANY time (pssst.. these cards do not expire). And wow, it turns out that you will be saving over $25 on latte if you get 10 pink cups of coffee! If you’re working around the area, simply pop by the bar for lunch with just the loyalty cards to enjoy a delicious healthy meal.

Joe & The Juice has most certainly got trendy juicing covered. They provide hipsters with a refreshing vibe and newbies with a platform to try something not too green. With such a prime location, you can casually picking up your protein packed juice before strolling into work. So what are you waiting for? Come #MEETJOE at Chevron House

Joe & The Juice

Address: 30 Raffles Place, Chevron House #01-35A, Singapore 039803
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 8am – 8pm; Saturday 11am – 3pm; closed on Sunday.
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