Joji’s Diner – Retro Diner with All-day American Breakfast

Esther Yeon
Esther Yeon
August 03, 2021

I’ve always been a sucker for retro-themed things — especially those Pink Retro diners that look so unreal! Hence, when Joji’s Diner popped up in Singapore, I only had one thought – I NEED TO TRY THIS!!

Joji's Diner-19

I love the aesthetics of this place and the mustard walls with bright red leather chairs and vinyl records on the wall. I think this would make the cut for a Pinterest post, proudly produced in Singapore. I also love how the entire concept made me think that I was overseas for a moment. For a temporal illusion of being overseas, you know where to go now!

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They have quite an extensive menu and everything is reasonably priced. Prices start from $5.90 and the most expensive items are Chicken N Waffle, Smash Burger and Chilli Dog ($12.90 each). I think that this is one cafe/diner where all the offerings are value for money as portions were either super huge or more generous than expected. Taste-wise, the food was pretty good too!

I got the Chicken N Waffle ($12.90), Rosti with Egg and Sausage ($9.90), Sweet Stacks ($7.90) and Big Bang ($8.90). I was a little sad that the Egg Ben wasn’t available that day. According to the staff, they might be changing up that part of the menu.

Joji's Diner-07

The first item that came to the table was the Rosti with Egg and Sausage. I was pleasantly surprised by how perfectly shaped and thick the rosti was. The gourmet sausage was quite thick, long, and nicely grilled. The sausage has a slight peppery taste to it and it was not too oily. The rosti came with a dollop of sour cream. The rosti itself was crispy on the outside, and adequately mushy on the inside. However, some shreds of potato did taste a little raw.

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Joji's Diner-12

Next up, the Chicken N Waffle. Dang, this one would bring me here again, and I highly recommend this! While it’s rather out of my character as a health nut to get this artery-clogging dish, I had to. The humongous chicken cutlet tasted somewhat like KFC’s chicken. The smell really reminded me of the fast food chain. This is way better though – it’s an enormous and thick piece of boneless “KFC” chicken.

Joji's Diner-05
Joji's Diner-13

The waffle was pretty average, but there were parts of it that were super crispy, especially on the edges. It was not the fluffy type of waffle, and I would say that it is just a supporting actor beside the chicken cutlet. The maple syrup brought some sweetness which went hand in hand with the savouriness of the dish.

Joji's Diner-14

Also, I loved that the sunny side ups in both dishes had runny yolks! I love runny egg yolks and it definitely made both the rosti and chicken taste better.

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Options like Muddy Lava ($8.90) — a chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice cream and granola nuts — might pander to those with a sweet tooth. I went with the Sweet Stacks which comprised 3 fluffy pancakes served with berry compote, vanilla ice cream, and chocolate drizzle.

Joji's Diner-08

It was not exactly a super sweet treat as the berry compote was sour, which evened out the sweetness. The compote can easily overpower all the other flavours, so go easy on it!

Joji's Diner-11

Last but not least, the Big Bang. It’s basically a chocolate milkshake that looks like it might be way too sweet, and it was exactly the case. The thickness of the chocolate was off the charts. Along with the generous amount of whipped cream on top, it’s truly comparable to those that you would find in a diner in America.

Joji's Diner-01

I would recommend sharing this with a friend. It would probably be too jelak to be finished by one person. The mini doughnut on top was cute though. A mini-surprise would be the fact that it has a jam filling in the middle!! I was impressed by it. Wished that they would let us just order the doughnuts as a dessert. I would totally get it.

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All in all, this is one very hipster and cool place for a date or even a good ol’ catch up with friends when we can all dine out again. I would be back here to try the other stuff like the Chili Dog and P B N J ($5.90).

Joji's Diner

Address: 534 Upper Serangoon Road, Singapore 534549

Mobile: 8292 9478

Area: North East

Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm Daily. Wednesdays 10am to 3pm.

Cuisine: Western made an anonymous visit and paid its own meal at the stall featured here.

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