Katong (Jago) Teochew Mee Pok Kway Teow Mee – Old School Mee Pok & Prawn Mee in Marine Parade

Sheila Hong
Sheila Hong
August 01, 2022

Old-school hawker food always hits the spot, and evokes nostalgia. And there’s a stall in a coffee shop in Marine Parade that serves food that reminded me of what I used to eat in my secondary school canteen.  


There’s certainly a little variety to look forward to here apart from just Mee Pok ($4.50/5.50/6.50) and Kway Teow Mee Soup ($5.50/6.50). You can also find Laksa ($4.50/5.50/6.50), Prawn Noodle ($4.50/5.50/6.50) and Pork Ribs Prawn Noodle ($6.50/7.50). 

Feeling just a little peckish? Warm up with their Fish Ball Soup ($4.50/5.50/6.50) or Ingredients Soup ($4.50/5.50/6.50). 


The cheapest Mee Pok ($4.50) was a no-frills bowl that came with two bouncy fish balls, a lone her kiao and minced pork. The noods were coated in a savoury tomato-based sauce, which has a punchy chilli sauce mixed in. It definitely brought forth a heat that will satisfy spice lovers! 


The fish balls were QQ enough but the her kiao was a tad too small in terms of size. I felt that the there was too much dumpling skin and too little fish paste, but the taste of the fish paste was quite pronounced. As for the little bowl of soup on the side, it was light on the palate so it complemented the heat of the mee pok well. Be sure to get the $5.50 or $6.50 portions if you want more ingredients! 


Funny story about the Laksa ($4.50); the uncle misheard me and actually gave me mee pok in my laksa, which was the weirdest bowl of laksa I’ve ever had. I’m going to skip right to the broth, which yielded a strong coconut-y fragrance and a spiciness that crept up on me a few beats later. 


The tau pok was on the slightly chewy side. I was surprised to see quite a few bits of hum (cockles) and each one had a very strong brininess, so much so that it seeped into the laksa broth as well. 


The dish that succeeded the most in evoking nostalgia in me was the Prawn Noodle ($4.50). Sweet and robust, the soup had a quite a strong taste of prawns. I was also glad that the yellow noodles didn’t have too much of an alkaline taste. 


The prawns were on the slightly smaller side and not as fresh as I would have liked, but the pork slices were rather tender, yet a little chewy at the same time. 


It’s definitely was a little blast from the past for me here at Katong (Jago) Teochew Mee Pok Kway Teow Mee! If you give the mee pok a try, let us know if you can handle the heat!

Katong (Jago) Teochew Mee Pok Kway Teow Mee

Address: 81 Marine Parade Central, #01-654, Singapore 440080

Phone: 9170 8633

Opening Hours: 7am to 6pm, Monday, 6.45am to 3pm, Wednesday, 7am to 6pm, Thursday to Sunday.

MissTamChiak.com made an anonymous visit and paid its own meal at the stall featured here.

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