MacPherson Minced Meat Noodles Has Moved to Tai Seng!

May 12, 2024

I first tried MacPherson Minced Meat Noodles many years back when I was filming CHIAK LOCAL web series as this is one of Speaker Mr. Tan Chuan Jin’s favourite hawker stalls. Used to be located in a coffee shop along Upper Serangoon Road where Tian Wai Tian Fish Head Steamboat is, they have moved to a few places including Marsiling Mall, Bukit Batok and Opal Crescent. Gosh, it is difficult to keep track but good news is, they are now at Playfair Road!




So happy to see Uncle Yap again! It is like meeting old friends! I thought he has retired but not so soon, I guess we are still able to enjoy his bak chor mee! Whenever I see him at Upper Serangoon coffeeshop, he is always very tensed up. But now, he is so cheery and I even had the chance to make conversation with him!

As usual, Uncle Yap makes everything from scratch. His stall opens at 7am in the morning so he is here in the shop in the wee hours to boil the soup and prepare ingredients. His broth is boiled with old hen, soybeans and anchovies for 3 to 4 hours. No wonder that bowl of rich and cloudy soup is so tasty with a hint of sweetness. Oomph…



When it comes to noodle options, common varieties include either mee pok or mee kia. Cooked till al dente, each bowl of minced meat noodles ($5) is served with sliced pork, minced meat, pork liver, braised mushroom, and slices of fishcake. Though the combination of ingredients is simple, they work terrifically well.

Uncle Yap adds his braised mushroom sauce at the end before serving to customers. His mushroom sauce is like his secret weapon, which makes his minced pork noodles outstanding. He also sells Pig Trotter Noodles ($6), Chicken Feet Noodle ($4) and Dish & Noodle ($7).



His bak chor mee sua has become my favourite. The mee sua looked seemingly plain but packs a punch. Tossed around in a vinegar and chilli mixture, every bite was a flavourful hit of comforting savouriness with a prominent sourish piquancy. We liked that the Mee Sua was cooked just right unlike many others which tend to be soggy and overcooked. Look at how the mee sua soaks up all the sauces.

If you have stomach space, order the 小碗面 where you get all the ingredients in the soup with a bowl of dry noodles. Now, it’s time to head over for your BCM fix!

Macpherson Minced Meat Noodles (麦波申肉脞面)

Address: 82 Playfair Road, Singapore 368001

Opening Hours: Mondays to Fridays 7am to 1.30pm


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