White Lor Mee – Affordable Heng Hwa Delights at Buangkok Hawker Centre by Ming Chung’s 4th Generation

May 29, 2024

Buangkok Hawker Centre boasts several intriguing hawker stalls, one of which is White Lor Mee. This stall, managed by the 4th generation owner, Nicholas, is an offshoot of the renowned Ming Chung Restaurant on Maude Road in Jalan Besar. At the outlet in Buangkok, guests can find a selection of signature Heng Hwa dishes, including bee hoon and lor mee.


white lor mee

Arriving early, we queued even before the stall opened at 11 AM. Nicholas, who handles the cooking, showcases his expertise with swift, confident actions in the kitchen. The menu here features five dishes, a concise yet representative selection of popular Heng Hwa offerings such as Lor Mee, Fried Bee Hoon, Stir-Fried Flower Clams, Prawn Roll, and Kai Lan with Bean Curd Skin.



Naturally, I had to try the Lor Mee ($6.50). This hearty bowl features silky white noodles, seafood, pork, and vegetables in a comforting, savory broth.

My favorite, however, was the Fried Bee Hoon. This dish includes pork slices, clams, squid, pork lard, prawns, and greens. Although it might not look particularly appealing, its taste was wonderful. Nicholas carefully cooks the Heng Hwa bee hoon until it is translucent and silky, chewy yet not brittle. Absorbing all the flavours from the broth, the vermicelli has a slight hint of savoriness from the stock, pairing perfectly with the various meats and greens.



Their crispy Prawn Rolls, which come in servings of 3 or 8 pieces, are perfect for individual diners or groups. Each plate is served with a sweet sauce dip and Achar. The crispy Prawn Rolls are fried to golden-brown perfection, and are virtually grease-free. The meatiness of the rolls is balanced out by the addition of water chestnuts, while the Nonya Achar provides a refreshing, tangy contrast.

It was a great lunch at White Lor Mee. This stall perfectly satisfies my cravings for Heng Hwa cuisine. The main dishes, priced at $6.50, are reasonably priced. We’ll definitely be returning whenever we find ourselves at Buangkok Hawker Centre.

Ming Chung White Lor Mee

Address: 70 Compassvale Bow, #02-K06 Buangkok Hawker Centre, Singapore 544692

Opening Hours: Tue-Sun 12pm to 3pm, 4:30pm to 9:30pm

MissTamChiak.com made anonymous visit and paid its own meal at the stall featured here.