My Little Spanish Place Opens in Boat Quay

October 09, 2015

My Little Spanish Place has set up its second home-style space in town. Housed at the ground level of a conservation shop house along the Boat Quay riverside, Spanish food lovers can now have a taste of Spanish ‘meson’ dining right in the heart of CBD.

With its new location by the waters, the My Little Spanish Place chef duo, Chefs Maria Sevillano and Edward Esmero, naturally looked to the Balearic Islands – an archipelago made up of 4 islands, the well-known clubbing destination Ibiza, Majorca, Minorca and Formentera. The brand new menu offers dishes inspired by new regions previously not explored.

My Little Spanish Place

My Little Spanish Place

My Little Spanish Place

My Little Spanish Place

We started our dinner with a quick demonstration of Spanish Ham craving by Chef Maria Sevillano. Ranging from 48 months Guijuelo or Iberico Bellota from Joselito ($25/25g), 36 months Jabugo or Iberico Bellota from 5J ($21/25g), 30 months Jabugo or Iberico Bellota from Sierra Mayor ($16/25g), 24 months Salamanca or Iberico from Laudes ($12), to 18 months La Alberca or Serrano from Fermin ($7/25g).

My Little Spanish Place: Chef Maria Sevillano demo

My Little Spanish Place

My Little Spanish Place: Tabla de Salchichas Artesanales (Handmade Sausage Platter)

The Balearic Islands have always been an intrigue for the Spanish. Even though it is part of Spain, this is an area that has been conquered by different kingdoms and countries. To pay homage to the lesser-known pantry of the Balearic Islands, the team embarked on the Tabla de Salchichas Artesanales (Handmade Sausage Platter, $21).

Comprising of 3 parts – the Butifarra and Morcilla sausages as well as the Sobrasada terrine, the Butifarra and Sobrasada is handcrafted in small batches each week. A Balearic staple, the Butifarra is made from minced pork and an assortment of spices and sherry vinegar, and was traditionally prepared as part of the festive rites in Majorca to mark the coming of the autumn and spring seasons.

The Sobrasada, better known as a raw, cured sausage, is served in the ‘tarrina’ (terrine) version. Made from pork fat, paprika and salt, it is best enjoyed when spread over toasted bread.

The Mojo sauces, a signature from the Canary Islands, also make their mark in the Handmade Sausage Platter. Nicknamed the “pesto of the Canary Islands”, they are made from a base of olive oil, salt, water, pepper, garlic, paprika and spices such as cumin and coriander. The Mojo Rojo and Picon are red sauces of varying levels of spiciness made from paprika, olive oil, cumin seeds and red chillies, while the Mojo Verde is a green sauce made from parsley, coriander, garlic, cayenne pepper, sherry vinegar and olive oil.

My Little Spanish Place: Migas

A pastoral dish originally made from overnight breadcrumbs that is said to have originated from the shepherds and the La Mancha region, the Migas ($8 per serving) was said to go through many rounds of refinements before the chef is finally happy. Made homemade croutons, chorizo, tomatoes, peppers and topped with a half-boiled egg, it doesn’t sound like a plate of anything you would come to the restaurant for. But only when you enjoy a well prepared dish of migas do you realise that this homely family dish can be tasty.

My Little Spanish Place: Pulpo de la Casa

The grilled fresh octopus leg Pulpo de la Casa ($36/100g) is a highlight. Seasoned with pimenton, sea salt and olive oil, then served with red and green pepper purees. It has an amazing combination of texture and flavours. I was surprised that the meat was so tender and sweet with just a hint of chewiness.

My Little Spanish Place: Secreto Iberico

Another highlight is the Secreto Iberico ($28), the butcher’s cut (between the shoulder blade and loin) of Iberico pork, which is first marinated with thyme and garlic, then served with grilled piquillo pepper and Patata Fritas. The hearty slices of Iberico pork are fatty and smooth, how not to love them?

My Little Spanish Place: Fideuà Verde

While the flagship My Little Spanish Place restaurant in Bukit Timah is celebrated for its paella, the chefs have introduced the Fideuà Verde ($38 for small, $66 for large) – a similar dish to paella that uses short noodles instead of Bomba rice. The short noodles are cooked in concentrated homemade prawn stock until it achieves a crispy layer of soccarat at the bottom of the pan. Although the fideuà is a common dish in Spain, the chefs have created a Spinach-based paste and mixed it into the Fideuà for a unique green shade. I actually find this insanely delicious with perfectly cooked shellfish and the charred noodles at the bottom add a contrasting texture.

My Little Spanish Place: The Leche Merengada con PX

My Little Spanish Place: White and Red Sangrias

For dessert, the chefs have included the Spanish tradition of mixing wines and food. The Leche Merengada con PX ($12) is home-churned meringue milk ice cream studded with Serrano jamon bits, served with a shot of sweet Pedro Ximenez sherry dessert wine, which is then poured over the ice cream. Since the haze is still here, it can get pretty warm and humid, which provides a perfect excuse to get down with their White and Red Sangrias.

My Little Spanish Place @ Boat Quay

Address: 54 Boat Quay, Singapore 049843
Tel: 6532 0665