Nasi Ayam Kee Chup – Tasty Soy Sauce Chicken in Johor Bahru

January 03, 2024

On a rare Monday off, my friends and I geared up for a food adventure in Johor Bahru. Excitement was high, and my meticulous research had led to an extensive list of 35,738 must-visit spots. Little did we anticipate the December chaos — the insane traffic at customs turned our usual breezy 1-hour drive from Singapore into a patience-testing 3-hour wait. By the time we rolled into Johor, it was lunch time, and we were starving.

kee chup


We only had a short 2-hour window, so a friend said, ‘Pick one place from your huge list.’ I went for Nasi Ayam Kee Chup near the customs. There was a queue under the blazing sun, a bit messy, but we got a table in half an hour.

The heart of the action unfolded right at the entrance — a kitchen showcasing the preparation of their pièce de résistance, Nasi Ayam Kee Chup. One menu, one focus. The chicken, meticulously marinated in-house, took a dip in the wok for a deep-frying spectacle. The aroma was enchanting, as they drizzled a layer of thick soy sauce over the chicken just before removing it from the oil.


The freshly prepared chicken was a delight – flavourful and crispy outside, tender inside. Marinated with a homemade sauce, it had a hint of sweet caramelization and a well-balanced saltiness. Adding a layer of excitement was the mild yet tangy chili, catering to spice enthusiasts and novices alike.

kee chup 3

kee chup4


Now, let’s talk rice. Although not the hero on the table, the combination of Siamese and local rice, stirred with lemongrass, ginger, and shallots, was cooked with chicken broth. Unfortunately, it has a slightly mushy texture and a scattering of broken grains. Yet, the sizeable portion generously filled our hungry stomachs, striking a balance.

The Nasi Ayam Kee Chup offers a unique twist on a classic dish. If you’re up for something different and a hearty portion, this is worth checking out in Johor Bahru!

Nasi Ayam Kee Chup

Address: 24A, Jalan Dato Dalam, Bandar Johor Bahru, 80000 Johor Bahru

Opening Hours: 11am to 4pm, closed every Tuesdays