NomVnom – Another Delicious Vegan Burger Contender!

Vivian Ho
Vivian Ho
May 22, 2017


Fast food.

What are the immediate thoughts you have when you first read those 2 words? Fries, junk, processed, unhealthy, etc. Fast food is known to be bad and harmful to our bodies, but not the case for nomVnom, where food is free of any preservatives and artificial ingredients! Their soft fluffy buns are made of unbleached wholemeal flour and organic brown sugar, steamed instead of having them grilled in margarine (fun fact: margarine is worse than butter due to hydrogenation!) Yeah, talk about nourishing real foods. With no dairy, no MSG, no alcohol, no onion, no garlic – nomVnom is great for both vegans and vegetarians!

With every burger comes a shot of fruit vinegar as an appetizer. This is a concept brought over from Taiwan, known to promote digestion and increase one’s appetite. Interestingly, the flavour of the fruit vinegar served varies every day.


I have never been a big fan of satay sauce, but the homemade satay sauce used for Temptation Satay ($8.90) was slightly different from the normal sweet, nutty satay sauce. It was spicier and had a hint of star anise. Though it was slightly sweet, it lacked the nutty fragrance that characterizes satay sauce. The marinated tempeh patty was soft and slightly mushy.

qq cheesy

“Did I just eat a piece of chicken?” – that was my first thought when I took a bite of the QQ cheesy burger ($8.90). Yes, I really thought I was having a chicken burger for a moment. The chewy king oyster mushroom stems had a bite to it that so resembles that of a chicken thigh; I was blown away by how its texture totally tricked my taste buds into thinking otherwise.

Even my friend who doesn’t fancy vegetables was impressed.

The homemade cashew nut cheese at nomVnom was a letdown, though. Although creamy, it lacked that cheesiness I was looking for – perhaps too little nutritional yeast was added into it (nutritional yeast is known for its unique flavour profile that’s akin to that of cheese). If no one told me that there was vegan cheese inside, I would just have thought that it was some bland and tasteless white sauce.

Nevertheless, this burger did not fail to meet the approval of the carnivorous me.


I don’t like potatoes, but the Goro Balls ($3.90) were so flavourful and fragrant from the sheer amount of curry leaves added into it, so much so that I found myself munching everything down. These fried little beauties had a nice crispy crust but were too soft to be picked up by the given toothpick. 

Most of the drinks in nomVnom are homemade. Fresh Lemon Passionfruit Tea ($3.90) is a sweet and refreshing drink recommended by one of the staff. Made in-house with lemon juice and Passionfruit bits, this is indeed a great drink to accompany any meal!


Before I bought the limited edition Beetroot Mame Burger($14.90), the owner of nomVnom assured me that the homemade beetroot hummus does not have an overpowering bitter earthy taste of beetroot. True enough, the taste of  beetroot was so subtle that you wouldn’t have known that there was beetroot added into it. The cumin flavour spiced things up and also helped to mask the bitterness of the beetroot.

I love the homemade tofu edamame patty, which had a nice crisp on the outside but was really soft on the inside. It melts almost immediately when you bite into it. 

Since every component in this burger is made in-house, the owner may not be bringing this burger back into the menu for he lacks the manpower to provide for customers such a labour-intensive burger.

Fret not! Almost every month, a new limited edition burger will be released, so if you can’t get your hands on Beetroot Mame, there will definitely be another interesting burger for you to try. 

So come get it while stocks last!


Address: 6 Eu Tong Sen street, #B1-44 Clarke Quay Central, Singapore 059817

Phone: 6224 4996


Area: Central

Nearest MRT: Clarke Quay MRT

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 10:00 - 22:00

Cuisine: Western, Vegan, Vegetarian

Facebook: made anonymous visit and paid its own meal at the stall featured here.

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