Omage Foods – Mee Tai Mak & Dry Laksa from $3.50 in Bedok!

Sharlyne Soh
Sharlyne Soh
July 24, 2022

Started out as a home business selling spreads such as Kaya, Omage Foods decided to expand their menu to offer some savoury foods. Three months ago, they finally opened their own stall in Bedok 85 Market.

Omage Foods - owners

Chef Brandon, 39, who began his career as a chef at just 16, offers a menu with a total of five items – three mains and two sides. Needless to say, I had to try all their mains and as for the sides, I only opted for their homemade Hei Zhor. Here, their portions are served in three different sizes($3.50/$4.50/$5.50).

Omage Foods - meetaimak

Omage Foods - cooking meetaimak

Omage Foods - meetaimak lifting

First up was the Signature Mee Tai Mak ($3.50). Having learnt this recipe from his mentor, Brandon shared that this rendition of Mee Tai Mak is a cross between Carrot Cake and Char Kway Teow. Packed with Minced Pork, Minced Prawns, Chai Por, Mushrooms, their homemade Rempah and more, the entire dish was almost like an explosion of flavours!

The earthiness of the mushrooms complemented the savoury and spicy notes of the rempah beautifully. That, along with the creaminess of the scrambled egg made for a nice contrast with the bouncy Mee Tai Mak. One rather unexpected ingredient that Brandon adds to this plate because of its extra smooth and creamy texture is century egg! The dish also has a substantial amount of ‘wok hei’. Highly addictive indeed.

Omage Foods - dry laksa

Omage Foods - dry laksa prawn lifting

Omage Foods - dry laksa noodle lifting

The Dry Laksa ($3.50), where the thick bee hoon came coated in some luscious gravy, was a close second as my personal favourite, just behind the Signature Mee Tai Mak.

The spice was just enough to give a satisfying kick. Though, it eventually became balanced out by the sweetness of the fresh prawns topping the bed of noodles. The usual suspects of fishcake, egg and beansprouts found in a hearty bowl of Laksa were also spotted. The only thing that was missing was cockles.

I opted for the smallest portion and even then, it was substantial enough to satisfy my cravings for this local delight. However, I do think that it might get a little jelak with the bigger portions ($4.50/$5.50).

Omage Foods - dry meesiam top down

Omage Foods - dry meesiam lime squeezing

Omage Foods - dry meesiam noodle lifting

The last of the three mains is the Dry Mee Siam ($3.50). Carrying hints of sourness from the assam thrown into the mix, this tasted slightly different to any other Dry Mee Siam I’ve had before. I really appreciated the squeeze of lime which helped cut through the flavourful rempah that clung to the bee hoon well. The prawns had their shells on but they came off easily, proving their freshness once again.

To prevent the bee hoon from clumping together, I would suggest digging into it once it’s served!

Omage Foods - hei zhor

Omage Foods - hei zhor inside

Their Handmade Prawn Balls, better known as Hei Zhor comes in a set of three ($3). These came packed with a mix of prawn, pork and chestnut. Not only was the filling soft, it offered a refreshing crunch due to the presence of chestnut.

Chicken Wing fanatics might want to consider the Har Cheong Kai that comes in a set of three as well ($3).

Omage Foods - storefront

Having not tasted any rendition of Mee Tai Mak like the one I had at Omage Foods, I will be back to get my fill again! Just note that they close just after lunchtime so be sure to head down early.

Omage Foods

Address: 85 Bedok North Street 4, #01-69, Singapore 460085

Phone: 9654 0848

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Opening Hours: 7am - 2pm, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday to Sunday. Closed on Wednesdays

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