Panquecas’ – Kopi O & Kueh Dadar-Inspired Crepes on Club Street

Sharlyne Soh
Sharlyne Soh
May 16, 2022

Panquecas' - inside store

Opened by the same folks behind Picanhas’, Panquecas’ offers both sweet and savoury crepes. Located just next door to Picanhas, the open-kitchen concept store sends out crepes which are freshly made upon order.

Panquecas' - kopi o

As I scanned the menu, I munched on the complimentary bowl of salted popcorn. Eventually, I decided on their Kopi O ($14), labelled as one of the underrated flavours by the friendly staff.

Panquecas' - kopi o making

Panquecas' - kopi o layers

The coffee-infused crepe was layered with 3 types of creme — vanilla, kaya and coffee. The various types of crumbles added a nice crunch to the fluffy crepe. An extra pinch of crushed crepe bits topped each individual piece. Although the roll was finished with a dash of espresso, the coffee taste was not too overpowering, which I liked. The side of vanilla soft serve also balanced out the bitter notes of the coffee.

Panquecas' - crepe dadar

But what got me hooked was their monthly special – Crepe Dadar ($15). Inspired by ‘Kueh Dadar’, this was actually last month’s special that was kept on the menu due to its popularity among customers. The packed pandan crepe, rolled up to resemble a doughnut, was placed on a bed of pandan custard cream.

Panquecas' - crepe dadar making

Panquecas' - crepe dadar lifting

One key ingredient that gave the dessert its defining taste was the grated coconut sautéed in gula melaka. Although it lacked the golden brown colour we typically see in Kueh Dadar, the taste did not disappoint one bit. The vanilla soft serve, drizzled with gula melaka, also proved to be the perfect pairing for the warm crepe underneath.

Remember to dig in once it’s served though, as the ice cream melts quickly!

Panquecas' - soda

Panquecas' - soda pouring

Besides crepes, Panquecas’ also serve sodas, mocktails and specialty teas. Their Hibiscus and Lime Soda ($6) was refreshing and a great thirst quencher in the sweltering heat.

If you’re looking for an alternative to the typical ice cream and waffles, Panquecas’ is definitely the place to be!

Panquecas' - store front


Address: 92 Club St, Singapore 069460

Phone: 9122 4326

Email Address:

Opening Hours: 12-3pm & 5.30-10pm, Tuesday to Sunday. Closed on Monday.