Patissez – The Original Creator Of Freakshakes Is Now In Singapore

July 07, 2016

All them over-the-top milkshakes should move to the side. The real cream of the crop, Patissez, has landed on our shores. For the uninitiated, Patissez is the brand (and brain) behind the original Freakshakes that sent the culinary world into a sugar frenzy with their ostentatious dessert creations.

Patissez Store front in Singapore
Patissez's counter
Patissez's menu also known as "The Freakshow"

It’s hard to think that the brains behind this international dessert sensation was in the original business of selling school uniforms. Their food venture that started off as a three men team in Canberra became an Internet sensation with queues stretching for meters and people waiting in line for hours just to lay their hands on their crafted milkshakes.

Patissez's Freakshakes with the owner and creator Ms Anna Petridis

And you might think that the ethos ‘more is more’ rings true when it comes to concocting their signature pimped up Freakshakes, but their owner and creator Ms Anna Petridis made certain adjustments to cater their sugary creations to suit the Singaporean palate. For one, we really appreciate the use of their frozen milk. As explained by Ms Petridis, swapping regular milk for freezing cold milk reduces the need to add an excessive amount of ice cream to concoct the milkshake base. The result is a smooth and less sweet milkshake that doesn’t compromise on its creamy texture.

Even the toppings that go on their Freakshakes were given much thought. Each themed Freakshakes comes loaded with components that are made in-house to ensure quality, from their vanilla bean whipped cream to their torched marshmallow topping and peanut caramel semifreddo pop.

“All the flavours they have to work together and complement each other. It isn’t like ‘how high can I pile the Freakshake’. But rather, it’s about the flavour and the experience,” said Ms Petridis.

Patissez's Freakshake: Maddy Pat, Pretzella, Mint Condition and Sneaky Freak

In their famous Freakshake ($16 each) entourage comes the Muddy Pat, Pretzella, Mint Condition and Sneaky Freak.

Patissez's salty-sweet Pretzella is our favourite

Our favourite has got to be the salty-sweet Pretzella that came lined with crunchy salted pretzels that helped cut through the gooey sweet decadence of the Nutella milkshake.

Patissez Freakshake's Mint Condition

We also enjoyed the Mint Condition, which was a refreshingly minty concoction that came topped with a mint chocolate semifreddo and chocolate cookie sandwich.

Patissez Freakshakes: Muddy Pat

Chocolate lovers should definitely order their Muddy Pat, which is an explosion of chocolate – served with chocolate ganache, chocolate shake, chocolate fudge sauce and crowned with a chocolate brownie with torched marshmallow.

Patissez Freakshake's The Sneaky Freak

The Sneaky Freak distills the flavours from your favourite Snickers bar and turn it into a frozen liquid shake, served with salted peanut caramel, chocolate mousse and their peanut caramel semifreddo pop.

Patissez serves Bacon Jam Toasty for brunch.
Patissez's Bacon Jam Toasty

But more than just Freakshakes, Patissez also serves up all-day brunch and savoury mains to complement their sweet treats. The same sensitivity to each dish’s components was also evident in their Bacon Jam Toasty ($13), which is a hearty sourdough toast slathered with their bacon jam and topped with eggs your way, confit cherry tomatoes and a side of smashed avocado. The smoky bacon jam was a great base for the fluffy scrambled eggs that we had, and the cherry tomatoes punctuated the dish with their natural sweetness.

Patissez's Tropical Hotcakes

We also particularly enjoyed the Tropical Hotcakes ($15) which was as much a treat for our eyes as well as our tummy. The warm and pillowy buttermilk hotcakes was a great canvas for the saffron mango reduction, caramelised mangoes and orange segments which lent a bright tropical note to the dish. Coupled with the crunchy house-made honeycomb, a scoop of vanilla ice cream and springs of fresh mint, the entire dish was vibrant and came bursting with summer flavours.

Patissez's Freak Burger

Other Patissez menu favourites include their Freak Burger ($25) which comes with two juicy beef patties, bacon slices, bacon jam, American cheese and house-made BBQ sauce. Served with a side of fries and Patissez special sauce, this massive burger was a good savoury counterpoint to their heavyweight dessert shakes.

Singapore is the second Patissez store in Asia, and owner Ms Pertridis has her sights on strengthening the regional presence with plans to set up stores in Bangkok and China. But for now, diners can look forward to their famous indulgent Freakshakes that could very possibly get a local makeover in the future.


Address: 118 Holland Avenue, #01-06, Singapore 278997

Phone: +65 6262 3616

Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 10am – 10pm; Sat – Sun: 9am – 10pm


This post is brought to you by Patissez.