Puncak Best Noodles – Honeydew Chicken Noodles and Other Zichar Delights in Orchard Road

October 19, 2023

Growing up, my stomping ground was Far East Plaza, and yet, I somehow have never been to the legendary Puncak Best Noodles. Thanks to my buddy Adam from the Halal Food Blog, I finally got in on the hype.



We started off with this plate of chicken wing noodles drowned in a mysterious red sauce they call “Honeydew Chicken Noodle.” Weird name, right? So, I asked the lady boss what’s up with the honeydew part. Turns out, it’s a mix of honey, tomato sauce, and oyster sauce, giving it that red hue. No honeydew in sight, though! The lady boss was just as clueless about the name as we were, but hey, it was delish!

Adam was totally nostalgic about this dish. It reminded him of his dad bringing home noodles from this old joint called ‘First Muslim Gourmet Noodle Restaurant’—good times, you know? Even though that place is long gone, Puncak Best Noodles brought back all those childhood memories for him.




The signature gravy, albeit sweet, married flawlessly with the chicken. Mix it up real good with the noodles and dive in! And the roasted chicken? It had that perfect smoky kick. And oh, their sambal chilli? Absolute game-changer. Make sure to mix that in too!

To complement the noodles, we ordered their crispy Fried Wantons and Youtiao Sotong. Seriously, these were addictive! Super crunchy and not greasy at all. Dip the fried wantons into the black sweet sauce, and you’re in snack heaven.



Beyond noodles and rice, the stall boasts an array of freshly prepared dishes, including tempting Claypot creations and an extensive Tze Char selection. We even tried their Tom Yum Fried Rice, per the lady boss’s suggestion. It had that amazing wok hei flavor, and the tom yum gave it a zesty twist. Loved every bite!

And just when we thought our taste buds couldn’t be more thrilled, Puncak surprised us with their latest creation – the Cinchalok Salad. Fresh, tangy, and utterly unique.

Leaving Puncak, I was stuffed to the brim. It’s not just a restaurant; it’s a vibe. I can’t wait to get more of that Honeydew Chicken Noodle magic, and explore more of their menu. It’s definitely going to be my go-to spot from now on!

Puncak Best Noodles

Address: 14 Scotts Rd, Far East Plaza #05-94, Singapore 228213

Phone: 6738 4348