Queenstown Lontong – Delicious Mee Rebus in Commonwealth

Alderic Teo
Alderic Teo
January 08, 2019

“So is it Lontong or Mee Rebus?”

Don’t worry, we’ll explain.

Queenstown Lontong_Stall

Queenstown Lontong has been around since the 1960s. The signboard that you see is the exact same one that the stall started out with. Queenstown Lontong has been passed down through 3 generations, and Chef-Owner Yatie is currently at the helm. Interestingly, we discovered this place for Mee Rebus instead of Lontong. But yes, we ordered the Lontong as well!

Queenstown Lontong_group

We spotted Kak Yatie in the kitchen. She had kitchen staff helping her out but on closer inspection, we realised that all of the dishes are finished off by her. We got the Lontong ($3), Mee Rebus ($3) and Mee Soto ($3). Just when we were about to leave the stall, a fresh batch of fried chicken wings rose from the wok. Sigh. Diets are so hard to stick to when you are at Queenstown Lontong.

Queenstown Lontong_Lime

Queenstown Lontong_collage

The Mee Rebus saw yellow noodles soaked in the signature thick broth, and the ensemble is topped with a scoop of sambal and a lime. We mixed it well and slurped the smooth noodles in all its glory. The gravy was rich, savoury and had a lovely hint of sweetness. After I’ve swallowed the first mouthful, I immediately picked up more noodles and stuffed them into my mouth greedily. This time, the noodles brought with them pieces of green chilli which punctuated the dish with a kick of spice.

Queenstown Lontong_Rebusover

I couldn’t help but break up the begedil, and mix it into the sauce. The fragrance of the potato was really strong, and combined perfectly with the sweetness of the sauce. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Queenstown Lontong_Lontong1

Queenstown Lontong_Lontongpick

A distinct aroma of coconut milk accompanied this bowl of Lontong. Queenstown Lontong has definitely perfected the coconut milk-to-broth ratio as the broth possessed the characteristics of coconut milk, without being too rich or heavy. The serunding (fried coconut) and sambal cranked the dish up a few notches. The rice cakes proved to be the best vehicle to soak up all of the goodness in the bowl.

Queenstown Lontong_MeeSoto

Queenstown Lontong_MeeSotopick

The Mee Soto had the most intense flavour profile of everything on the table. The wholesome, spicy, and peppery chicken broth, was contrasted with textures and flavours of fried garlic, bean sprouts and green chilli.

Queenstown Lontong_Chicken

These bad boys gave way with a loud crunch that grabbed the attention of the diners next to me. The chicken came with homemade sambal and serunding. I was real happy with the tasty chicken — good fried chicken is the perfect dessert for me.

Queenstown Lontong_Meerebus

Here’s a secret for those who have stayed with me up till this point : The Mee Rebus has a Tulang version which comes with 2 pieces of Tulang. Kak Yatie only prepares 8 kilograms of the Tulang every day and it usually sells out before 11 am. I find it really surprising that so many people have Tulang for breakfast! I arrived slightly before 11 am only to receive the news that they have sold out. To console me, Kak Yatie gave me her number and told me to WhatsApp her when I’m heading to Queenstown Lontong for her Tulang Mee Rebus in the future.

I almost cried.

Queenstown Lontong

Address: Tanglin Halt Food Centre 1A Commonwealth Dr, Singapore 141001

Phone: +65 9182 2189 (WhatsApp only)

Opening Hours: 7am to 2pm daily.

MissTamChiak.com made an anonymous visit and paid its own meal at the stall featured here.

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