R K Eating House – Tallest Tissue Prata & Teh Tarik for Supper

Team Tam Chiak
Team Tam Chiak
September 08, 2016

R K Eating House

R K Eating House tissue prata chef

R K Eating House tissue prata

R K Eating House got into the limelight a couple of years ago after the “NO PORK, NO PORK, I CALL THE POLICE, I TELL YOU!” prank someone played on the owner. It goes without saying that this is a Muslim-oriented eatery, so don’t worry, there is no pork in the premise.

They have later became more popular for its humongous Tissue Prata ($5.50) that has to be shared among at least 4 people or you wouldn’t be able to finish this “tower”. You can choose to top it off with strawberry or chocolate sauce, maple syrup or honey. The tissue prata is really crispy, yet fluffy at the same time. The prata dough has been kneaded to perfection before it was cooked to a perfect golden brown. It’s really a value-for-money!

R K Eating House 5 litres teh tarik tower

The second highlight that draws the young crowd here is their 5 litres Teh Tarik ($17) and Milo drinks tower! We never thought we could finish so much Teh Tarik in a night but we really have to commend them for using the right amount of powder, water, condensed milk and ice. The last drop of Teh Tarik tasted as good as our very first sip!

R K Eating House egg prata

Whenever we step foot into a prata stall, we will never miss out on ordering prata! We had an egg prata ($1.70) which was executed really well. The dough had generous portions of eggs spread out nicely within it. Every bite was full of eggy goodness! The prata was really fluffy and chewy at the same time, with a really enjoyable fragrant buttery taste.

R K Eating House chicken murtabak

We also tried their Chicken Murtabak ($9) which boasted an overwhelming taste of the Indian spices, a little too much for our preference. Nonetheless, the murtabak consisted of plenty of chicken bits and each mouthful was very flavoursome.

R K Eating House butter chicken

R K Eating House cheese naan

The Butter Chicken ($6) complemented the Cheese Naan ($3) wonderfully well. while the chicken has a creamy and tender texture, with a hint of spiciness, the cheese naan neutralized the spices. We really enjoyed devouring the cheese naan and felt that it was one of the better ones we could find around Singapore.

Prata shops that open 24 hours are aplenty across our sunny island but it’s not easy to find a really delicious one that hits all the right spots, just so you can satisfy your midnight hunger pangs. R K House’s menu is extensive and service is efficient. The servers there are also very friendly and jokes with us at times. They’re also good at recommending the right dishes to satisfy whatever cravings you have. This is a prata place that we would return to if we’re in the vicinity.

R K Eating House

Address: 1 Kensington Park Road, Singapore 557253

Opening Hours: 24 hours daily.

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