19 Favourite Local Foods at Ramadhan Bazaars in Johor Bahru

June 14, 2016

Ramadhan Bazaar

The holy Islamic calendar month of Ramadhan has started. Ramadhan Bazaars all over Malaysia will come alive as early as 4pm and closing just after the Maghrib prayers, at around 8pm. We decided to explore one of the Ramadhan bazaars located at Bandar Baru Uda, Johor Bahru where Sultan Johor has recently visited to check out the food stalls. This is the best time to wrap your taste buds around Malaysia’s delicacies such as roti John, murtabak and more street food.

Here are 19 Favourite Local Foods at Ramadhan Bazaars in Johor Bahru.

Ramadhan Bazaar: Kebab
Ramadhan Bazaar: Kebab

1. Arabic Kebab
Kebab is a popular Middle Eastern food that is also commonly found in Ramadhan bazaars. You can choose to have grilled meat served with pita bread or plain bread. It consists of vegetables such as onions, cabbages and sauces on top of the meat. They come with 3 sizes – S, M, L.

Ramadhan Bazaar: Ayam Percik

2. Ayam Percik
Originated from the Northern States of Kelantan, Ayam Percik is a popular grilled chicken dish. Ayam means chicken and percik means splash in Malay Language. Usually available during fasting month only, it is also known as ayam golek in some states of Malaysia. It is a grilled marinated chicken basted with spiced coconut milk gravy which enhances the aromatic taste of the chicken.

Ramadhan Bazaar: Assorted Fried Stuffs
Ramadhan Bazaar: Assorted Fried Stuffs

3. Assorted Fried Stuffs
Some of the stalls are selling assorted fried foods with skewers like Nuggets, sausages, fish cakes, prawn fritters, goreng pisang, curry puffs etc. At Bandar Baru Uda, you can also spot a stall selling Chinese you tiao as well. They will cut into smaller pieces as per requested and packed them into a small red plastic bag for takeaway.

Ramadhan Bazaar: Sata

4. Sata
Sata is originated from Kuala Terengganu. It is a traditional dish with spiced fish meat wrapped in banana leaves and cooked on a grill. Don’t get confused with satay though. This is another type of Malaysian fish cake or we commonly known as otak-otak.

Ramadhan Bazaar: Murtabak
Ramadhan Bazaar: Murtabak

5. Murtabak
Murtabak is well-known in mamak stall. It is a stuffed pancake or pan-fried bread filled with minced meat, chicken or beef, garlic, egg and onion and fried on a griddle until it turns golden brown. It is also a popular street food that locals wouldn’t miss it. You can opt for the ingredients you prefer and they will customize according to your preferences.

Ramadhan Bazaar: Barbeque Chicken Wings
Ramadhan Bazaar: Barbeque Chicken Wings

6. Barbeque Chicken Wings
The vendor prepared dozens of grilled chicken wings for sale. It was a visual feast that is hard not too missed out. The sweet glazed chicken wings are locals all time favourite dish to enjoy.

Ramadhan Bazaar: Satay
Ramadhan Bazaar: Satay
Ramadhan Bazaar: Satay

7. Satay
The only satay stall at Bandar Baru Uda that offers chicken and mutton flavour selling at RM0.60 each stick. The skewered meats looks tantalizing and we couldn’t resist to buy 20 sticks on the spot.

Ramadhan Bazaar: Nasi Goreng & Mee Goreng
Ramadhan Bazaar: Nasi Goreng & Mee Goreng

8. Nasi Goreng & Mee Goreng
The vendor cooked them in a huge cooking pot and it was still pipping hot under the hot stove. When a customer orders, they will scoop it from the huge pot and pack it for them.

Ramadhan Bazaar: Agar Agar

9. Agar-Agar
There are assorted colourful agar-agar available too. Ranging from pandan flavour, rose flavour and even chendol flavours are available. It’s all about local flavours and it is selling at RM1 for 3pcs.

Ramadhan Bazaar: Sup Tulang

10. Sup Tulang
This is the only stall spotted at Bandar Baru Uda selling sup tulang. If you are a fan of sup tulang, you can give it a try. It was too nutritious for me.

Ramadhan Bazaar: Air Khatira

11. Air Kahtira
Air Kartira originated from Johor itself. Air refers to water and Kathira is made with evaporated milk pandan flavoured syrup, kathira gum, basil seeds and malva nuts. It is one of the popular drinks sold during the fasting month. There are many versions of this drink which includes, bandung, blueberry and many more. It’s all colouring drinks sweetened with sugar syrup that tempt individual to linger for one more glass. But behold the high sugar intake for this drink.

Ramadhan Bazaar: Roti Goreng Lami
Ramadhan Bazaar: Roti Goreng Lami

12. Roti Goreng Lami
It’s my first time seeing Roti Goreng Lami in bazaar. It is deep fried bread stuffed with either chicken or beef. Crispy exterior and what sets it apart is the filling.

Ramadhan Bazaar: Roti John

13. Roti John
Roti John is also one of the locals favourite besides Ramly burger. It is also a staple during this feasting month. The classic buns are stuffed with meats and black pepper sauces to give an addictive kick. Similar to what you can get in Subway but with a little bit more punch to it.

Ramadhan Bazaar: Grilled Sambal SeafoodsRamadhan Bazaar: Grilled Sambal Seafoods
Ramadhan Bazaar: Grilled Sambal Seafoods

14. Grilled Sambal Seafoods
The smoke from the barbecuing of seafood will definitely attract you to the stall. Grilled on the spot, you can select what types of seafood you wish to eat and a super shiok chilli sauce will be given together with your meal.

Ramadhan Bazaar: Putu Bambu

15. Putu Bambu
Putu Bambu is commonly sold as street food from market stalls. It is also known as putu mayam and served cold with pandan-infused rice flour and palm sugar mixed with coconut milk before steaming in a cylindrical bamboo. It is finished off with grated coconut flakes on top to savour.

Ramadhan Bazaar: Sticky Rice with Mango & Durians

16. Sticky Rice with Mango & Durian
We spotted a stall selling only sticky rice with mango and durian at Bandar Baru Uda. We had a chat with the vendor and he shared that this is their own recipe inspired by Thai sticky rice. With RM7, you get to enjoy quite a hearty portion though.

Ramadhan Bazaar: Nasi Kukus/ Nasi Ayam /Nasi Ampang / Nasi Briyani
Ramadhan Bazaar: Nasi Kukus/ Nasi Ayam /Nasi Ampang / Nasi Briyani

17. Nasi Kukus/ Nasi Ayam /Nasi Ampang / Nasi Briyani
Various stalls selling different types of nasi (rice) which includes nasi kukus, nasi ayam, nasi ampang and nasi briyani. All comes with ready polystyrene pack and ready to take away. All these are pre-packed earlier by the vendors before they officially start their business. But some of the stalls prepared it on the spot though.

Ramadhan Bazaar: Pulut Panggang
Ramadhan Bazaar: Pulut Panggang

18. Pulut Panggang
Pulut Panggang refers to grilled glutinous rice in banana leaves. This kuih is made with pulut rice, grated coconut, dried prawns, coriander and belacan. It is known as Malay or Nyonya cuisine and different states has slight twist of recipes. This local treats are all-time favourite street foods.

Ramadhan Bazaar: Exotic/ Quirk Foods

19. Exotic / Quirks Foods
If you are adventurous enough, check out their grilled hati Ayam ( chicken heart) with special sauce skewer that is available at the stall. Other than this, locals also enjoy paru lembu ( cow lung) with special sauce skewer as well. These are all-time favourite local street foods. The internal organs are boiled then sliced before dousing with spices before deep-fried it.

There are many other stalls offering variety of delicacies to reminisce the Malay local flavours. For non-muslims, it is quite an adventurous to explore the Ramadhan bazaars and find out more about the locals favourite. Although it is not the fascinating hipster foods instagram-worthy, it is definitely a heart-warming food that you can expect for the yearly Hari Raya.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all Muslims around the world, a blessed Ramadhan.


Text & Photos by Hazel. Born in Malaysia, Hazel loves to travel and soaked herself with enrich cultures and food. Follow her food adventures on her blog.