5 Ways That RedMart Has Revolutionized Grocery Shopping

May 05, 2021

Delivering fresh produce in the heat and humidity of Singapore is not an easy task. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes from the time you purchase a box of blueberries online, to the time they are delivered to you.

Singapore’s leading online grocery retailer, RedMart, is responsible for the end-to-end customer experience, ensuring that deliveries reach customers in their best possible condition.

We visited the new West fulfilment centre in Jalan Buroh to learn how the team works, and the processes that go on behind order fulfilment.

1. Food deliveries are kept fresh

RedMart carefully controls the conditions in which your products are stored and transported, from the moment they are delivered to RedMart to the time you receive them at your doorstep. Fresh items stay chilled and frozen items remain frozen.  



At the Fresh Department, there are three cold room chambers, as well as a Pick-to-Light station, packing station, and quality assurance lab. Each cold room chamber has to be maintained at a specific temperature for storing fresh meats, and seafood, vegetables, dairy products and more (2, 5, and 12 degrees celsius). Food items are stored in one of the three chambers to ensure that they are kept as fresh as possible at optimal temperatures.

2. Ingredients are strategically placed

At the Pick-to-Light station, light devices are mounted on flow racks to guide operators to the correct product locations, and quantities required to fill an order. This increases efficiency, productivity, and picking accuracy.

All food items are grouped according to their “affinity” with other products and placed strategically, to ensure stringent food hygiene and safety standards. For instance, dairy products such as yogurt and cream cheese are placed close to each other.

Once the items are picked, they are transferred to the packing station via automatic conveyor belts. How easy!


3. Vegetables and meats are packed separately

At RedMart, raw food and processed food items are consistently packed into separate bags.

Depending on the optimal storage temperature of each product, the bagged products are then securely placed in red delivery boxes lined with reusable insulation and industry-grade ice plates. It helps to maintain the optimal temperature for fresh groceries till it reaches customers’ doors.

RedMart Shift Manager, Reno, explained, “Our packers ensure your items arrive undamaged and bagged according to food safety standards, so that freshness is maintained and there is no cross contamination.”



4. Scientific tests are conducted to determine quality of products

RedMart’s quality assurance team has codified a set of standards to help identify the quality of fresh produce, making sure that all food safety and quality issues are investigated and recommendations implemented.

Take blueberries for example — the team will test the sweetness via Brix testing(a quantifiable way to test the sugar content of food items). The higher the Brix score, the sweeter the blueberries will be.

Shin Yi is part of the quality assurance team and she showed us how the brix test is done on blueberries. She shared, “Because we can quantify the sweetness of blueberries, we can give this feedback to our suppliers if they send us sour blueberries.”


5. Food items are handled minimally


With a strong emphasis on food hygiene and safety, RedMart aims for minimal contact between handlers and food products. Machinery and automated carts moving along the tracks move products along. This is much unlike what happens in a supermarket where an apple might have been touched and pressed by multiple customers before you pick it up.

Now that I am pregnant, heading to the supermarket to do grocery shopping is becoming a daunting task.

RedMart saves me plenty of time and leaves me worry-free, knowing that my grocery needs will arrive on the dot each time, with no nasty surprises involved. I don’t have to head out, stand in the queue to check out, or carry the heavy items back home. RedMart has certainly made grocery shopping much easier and accessible.

I like that RedMart has a huge range of products and the products always arrive fresh. As someone who obsesses over the freshness of their groceries, I will highly recommend RedMart as I have had multiple pleasant shopping experiences with them!

Happy shopping at https://redmart.lazada.sg/ today!

This post is brought to you by RedMart on Lazada.