Explore Republic Plaza’s Diverse Dining Options – From Nasi Padang to Rotisserie Chicken to Healthy Salad Bowls

February 27, 2024

Exploring new dining options in the heart of the CBD? Look no further than Republic Plaza, which boasts a fresh array of food and beverage choices to satisfy your cravings. Whether your taste buds yearn for the bold flavours of Nasi Padang, or in the mood for wholesome salad bowls, this iconic destination has it all.

Indosoup Padang (#B1-14)




Enhance your office lunch with a mouthwatering selection from Indosoup Padang’s Nasi Padang menu featuring a wide variety of delectable dishes including the Paru Balado, a delightful preparation of beef lung cooked in a sweet yet spicy sauce. For those who love Petai, the Telur Balado is a must-try. Quail eggs are stir-fried with petai beans in a bright red chilli which adds a piquant kick to the dish. The centrepiece of our lunch is the Gulai Kikil, featuring generous portions of tender chicken thigh coated in a fragrant lemak sauce. Indosoup Padang also offers other tempting choices such as Rendang, Ikan Teri, and Terong Balado to satisfy a variety of tastes.

If Nasi Padang is not your thing, you’ll find other enticing options, such as the Indomie Set priced at just $5, complete with an egg and fried crackers. You can customise it with your favourite toppings. Gado Gado ($8) boasts traditional ingredients like rice cakes, tempeh, and tofu, all generously coated in a sweet and creamy peanut sauce that’s an absolute treat. Don’t miss out on the Ayam Penyet Set ($8) which includes a juicy fried chicken thigh that will leave you thoroughly satisfied.

Green Chilli (#B1-17)

green chilli


Green Chilli offers a range of well-rounded meal options with their Nasi Lemak & Turmeric Rice Sets. Each set comes with a protein ranging from Nonya Curry Chicken to Ayam Bakar, creating a diverse array of flavours. Complementing these mains are delightful sides such as fried hard-boiled eggs, chilli, cucumber, and achar for the Turmeric Rice Sets, or Ikan Bilis for the Nasi Lemak Set. If that is not enough, you can elevate your meal with add-ons like Sayur Lodeh, Otak, and even the option to upsize.

Don’t miss their best-selling dish, the Ayam Bakar with Special Green Chilli Turmeric Rice Set ($8.50). The grilled chicken is generously topped with their signature green chilli sauce which boosts a delightful spiciness that doesn’t overpower the palate.

Indulge in the Nonya Curry Chicken Nasi Lemak Set ($8.50), showcasing a succulent chicken thigh bathed in a luxuriously rich and creamy curry, beautifully complemented by the aromatic coconut rice. We also sampled the Beef Rendang Tumeric Rice Set ($9.50). The turmeric-infused rice boasts a pronounced flavour profile, paired harmoniously with the tender and robust beef rendang.

Al Marche (#B1-02)




For those seeking a healthier dining option, Al Marche offers a delightful selection of salad bowls and sandwiches! Their Regular Bowl ($13.90) is a fantastic choice, allowing you to customise your meal. You can opt for either a base of carbs or a nourishing soup bowl, along with your choice of 2 Proteins, 4 Sides, and 1 Topping.

The menu boasts an extensive array of ingredients to pick and choose from, including Yakitori Kurobuta, Herb Crusted White Fish, Potato Salad, Garlic Chips, and more. I highly recommend the Herb Crusted White Fish, featuring a creamy and tangy top crust that adds a burst of flavour to the dish. The Yakitori Kurobuta is another crowd-pleaser, with a sweet teriyaki-like glaze.

If sandwiches are more to your liking, you’re in for a treat with a choice of 12 different options, including 3 vegetarian varieties. Al Marche takes their sandwich bread seriously, offering handmade options such as focaccia, baguette, and sourdough. The Roast Beef Sandwich ($12.90), accompanied by mustard, balsamic, and a medley of vegetables, is a standout. The roast beef is tender, offering a satisfying contrast to the crunch of the fresh vegetables.

Social Bar & Bistro (#01-01)

Looking to unwind and treat yourself after a long day at work? The Social Bar & Bistro serves up an array of delectable mains paired with an enticing selection of cocktails and beverages.




Their Rotisserie Chicken ($18) features half a succulent chicken along with seasonal vegetables atop a bed of mashed potatoes. The addition of peppercorn sauce adds a delightful spicy kick to elevate the overall experience, while the mashed potatoes, with their creamy texture, prove to be a delightful accompaniment.

For pasta lovers, the Pasta Alle Vongole ($20) is a must-try. This dish boasts a generous serving of clams enveloped in a garlicky and aromatic sauce that beautifully coats every strand of pasta.

To complement your mains, indulge in their homemade coolers such as the Lychee Rose ($6). This delightful concoction combines the pronounced and fragrant flavours of lychee and rose to create a truly refreshing drink.

For those with a penchant for bespoke cocktails, you can try their Strawberry Kiss ($22 on regular nights; $10 during Ladies Night on Wednesdays), a fruity cocktail that provides a perfect ending to your meal.

Woowfles by Bakery Cuisine (#B1-08)



If you are feeling peckish in the office or looking for quick bites or snacks, you can check out Woowfles, which serves up different flavours of waffles, sandwiches and fritters.

Their waffle menu offers both Classic Flavors ($2.80) and Premium Flavors ($3.30). We opted for the Oreo Cream Cheese Waffle, a premium indulgence that immediately grabs your attention with its substantial thickness. What truly stands out is the generous amount of Oreo crumbs and cream cheese packed into the waffle, making it a hearty and worthwhile treat.

For those seeking quick bites, Woowfles offers options like the Tuna & Egg Sandwich ($3.80). Alternatively, you can indulge in their Crispy Vegetable Fritters ($2.50), which makes it easy to grab and eat on the go as well.

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