Put Together A Japanese-inspired Chinese New Year Feast At Home With RE&S

January 16, 2023

We already know that Chinese New Year is around the corner, and it will soon be time to feast on yusheng, steamboat, pen cai, and more auspicious treats. But those looking to put a refreshing spin on their Chinese New Year gatherings can check out the Japanese-inspired selection from RE&S – a food company with many notable Japanese brands, including Ichiban Sushi, Ichiban Boshi, Kuriya Japanese Market, and many more. To usher in the Year of the Rabbit, the various restaurants have borrowed various well-loved flavours from Japan, and infused them into an exciting collection of ready-to-eat items that can easily elevate any stay-home meals. The best part: all the festive food items are pre-cooked, chilled, and vacuum-packed to seal in their freshness. Re-heating, either in the steamer or boiling water, is all you need to whip up an impressive dinner! 

Japanese Treasure Pot

re&s cny 10The best of what the sea has to offer can be found in the Japanese Treasure Pot ($218 nett), a well-loved creation that makes a comeback again this year. In the claypot comes an array of premium fix-ins – whole abalone, sashimi-grade scallop, sticks of peeled snow crab leg, juicy prawn, braised pork belly, homemade chicken roulade, Kamaboko fish cake, shiitake mushroom, and cabbage. Everything is lovingly simmered in superior stock for hours, and finished with a touch of gold flakes to complete this extravagant creation. To indulge in the Japanese Treasure Pot, simply pop the whole thing over the stove and crank up the heat till it starts bubbling with its sweet, umami-laden goodness.

Yuzu Prosperity Duck 

re&s cny 09It is time to put away the turkey, and bring out a different kind of festive roast instead. The newly created yuzu prosperity duck ($108 nett) is quite the show-stopper; a whole roasted bird comes glazed with yuzu essence for a zesty touch, and within its tender body comes filled with loads of ingredients: Japanese pork sausage, lean pork, ham, yam, dried mushrooms, dried shrimps, dried scallops, ginkgo nuts, lotus seeds, red dates, chestnuts, barley, and glutinous rice. The package also comes with accompanying house sauce, and colourful vegetables (cut to resemble flora and fauna) to adorn the massive 2.5kg treat. 

Abalone Stuffed Roast Chicken

re&s cny 08As the name suggests, this teriyaki-glazed chicken ($88 nett) comes chocked full of auspicious ingredients. Slice the tender 2kg bird open to reveal an overflowing belly that is stuffed with baby abalone, alongside Chinese pork sausage, ham, dried scallops, dried mushrooms, ginkgo nuts, red dates, lotus seeds, and glutinous rice. This can make a light meal on its own, or be served as a luxurious side dish for your reunion gatherings. 

Arima Sansho Pork Knuckle 

re&s cny 07

For a smaller roast, the 700g pork knuckle ($68 nett) provides great value – and even greater taste. A chunky pork knuckle is first marinated in a piquant sauce made using Japanese Sansho pepper, then cooked and served together with Japanese taro, shiitake mushroom, tofu, namafu, broccoli, carrots, and pumpkin. The gentle, soothing spice will surely warm the bellies of everyone. 

Japanese Premium Bak Kwa

re&s cny 06Of course, no Chinese New Year is complete without some bak kwa, and the newly launched slices from RE&S come with a unique Japanese touch. Only Brazilian pork shoulder is used to create a tender base, and every slice is then cooked over the binchotan to impart smokiness. We especially enjoyed the touch of yuzu ($46.80 nett), which adds a brightness that cuts through the grease. There is also an arima sansho ($46.80 nett) flavour for spice lovers. 


re&s cny 04

re&s cny 05You cannot forget yusheng during Chinese New Year, and RE&S has a colourful range to choose from. Available at Ichiban Boshi, Ichiban Sushi, and Kuriya Japanese Market is the popular sashimi yuzu yusheng made using fresh Japanese ingredients. 

At Ichiban Boshi and Ichiban Sushi, prices start from $52.80+ before GST for the Bountiful Yusheng which feeds four to six pax, to the Auspicious Yusheng ($63.80+, or before GST) which is good for up to 10 mouths. Throw in slices of fresh Norwegian salmon, drizzle in the zesty yuzu dressing, and toss everything up for good luck!

re&s cny 03

And for the seafood lovers, the yusheng from Kuriya Japanese Market will not disappoint. Each salad is lavished with the freshest catch, including the Blessings Yusheng ($50.80 nett) which highlights both salmon and maguro. Chuka kurage, or seasoned jellyfish, is also added to the mix. Sashimi lovers can also consider the premium Abundance Yusheng ($61.80 nett) which is jam-packed with even more protein – in the form of salmon, maguro, and kanpachi slices. 

re&s cny 02

re&s cny 01

There is also the online-exclusive Invigorating Fruits Yusheng ($58.80 nett) that offers a healthier alternative to the usual dish. Each platter comes with a fresh medley of six different fruits: pomelo, pear, guava, mango, pineapple, and jackfruit. When paired with the yuzu dressing, each mouthful provides a juicy, tropical burst that can help whet the appetite for more festive feasting. Do note that this special creation will need a three-day advance order. 

To further add to the huat, every order of any yusheng from RE&S will come with free limited-edition red packets, available while stocks last. And exclusive to Miss Tam Chiak readers, from now till 31 January, enjoy a $10 discount with a minimum spend of $100 on all a la carte Chinese New Year items, when you apply the promo code ‘MTC10’ during checkout. 

Orders can be placed from now till 2 Feb, three days in advance, at Ichiban Boshi, Ichiban Sushi, and Kuriya Japanese Market.

This post is brought to you by RE&S.