Sen Gen Wanton Noodle – Old-School KL-Style Wanton Noodles in a Quiet Coffeeshop in Tai Seng

Sheila Hong
Sheila Hong
October 16, 2021

Whenever I visit Jie Bakery in Tai Seng, I always wonder what’s there to eat in the coffeeshops around the area. Today’s trip took me to Rinting Berjaya Eating House, a quiet gathering of stalls that usually serves busy office workers in the area. There’s cai fan and prawn noodles but I was in the mood for wanton noodles, which brought me to Sen Gen Wanton Noodles. 

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I had a little chat with the uncle, who mentioned he was previously based in Yishun and has been cooking wanton mee for more than eight years. At the same time, he was busy running a one-man show, tossing noodles and deftly preparing a very dark sauce base for my order. Everything on the menu is priced at a flat rate of $3, with Dumpling Noodles and Curry Chicken Noodles available as well. 


I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was KL-style Wanton Noodles(this was before the sauce preparation gave it away)! You can choose to have it with regular soup wantons or the fried version, alongside slices of char siu and greens. Pity there wasn’t fried pork lard, though. 


The QQ noodles were delightfully springy and thoroughly coated in a luscious black sauce. Don’t be fooled by how dark it looks though; it wasn’t too overwhelming and had a rather good amount of sweetness with a slight dash of spiciness. The traditional red char siu slices were also adequately sweet but a bit on the dry side. 


Gently bobbing around in the refreshing, clear soup were four wantons. Albeit small in size, the skin wasn’t too thick and the meat inside was seasoned well and slightly sweet. 


The fried wantons, however, fell short. Since there was so little filling, it felt like was I just biting into a piece of fried crisp. There was some fragrance from the meat but it had very little impact overall. 


Now that almost everyone is working from home, there’s very little foot traffic in the coffeeshops that are usually populated by the office folks. While I’ve had better KL-style wanton noodles in general, the noods themselves did leave an impression so I’d suggest loading up on more of the regular soup wantons!

Sen Gen Wanton Noodle

Address: Rinting Berjaya Eating House, 105 Upper Paya Lebar Road, Singapore 534828

Opening Hours: 6.35am to 2pm Monday to Friday, 6.35am to 12pm Saturday to Sunday. made an anonymous visit and paid its own meal at the stall featured here.

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