Exclusive Interview – How Slim Couture Become A Successful TCM Slimming Centre?

December 05, 2015

Slim Couture

Many readers have emailed me asking me questions on my recent post on Slim Couture. I have collated all of them and reply through this space. First and foremost, I paid for all my treatments in Slim Couture. I am not paid to do any advertorial for them. They have initially offered me a sponsorship and I gently declined it, as I do not want to be obligated to write a review for products or services that I have not tried and have no confidence if it will work. Eventually, I completed my 12 sessions as a super happy and satisfied client. After which, the owner asked me if I can review about them and I gladly say yes!

Slim Couture

So now the question is – Why do I consider Slim Couture and not other slimming companies? Personally, I am a friend of Jessica (Shiberty) and I was astounded by her results. She literally lost half of her original size and she is looking so good! At the same time, I googled on the reviews of slim couture and some other companies and realized that they really have many positive reviews on forum and client’s testimonials on Facebook! I was in a hurry to lose weight for my wedding thus decided to sign up slim couture for slimming. I am not sure if they are more effective than others but I can gladly and proudly say that Slim Couture is effective for me, at the very least.

I managed to catch up with the owners and asked them some questions, which I think many of us are wondering.

1) What has inspired both of you (Joanne & Sherlin) decide to start a boutique slimming center, using TCM for slimming?
We have been in this industry for more than 16 years and we are very conscious about healthy appearances and well-being of the body. We were once young and had gone through many ways of slimming methods – pills, machines, exercises , diets but none works to meet our expectations. This was till we met a renowned physician who has many years of experience in TCM slimming and has helped many women in attaining good health.

At that time, there were a few home-based salons doing such treatments but there was clearly not a distinctive brand with proper physician guidance for such treatments. We embarked on a year of market research and training from the physician and personally tried on the treatments on ourselves. We are convinced that it is a safe and effective treatment with long lasting result. We know this is going to be the answer to all women who have been thinking about losing weight.

2) TCM slimming seems to be getting popular in Singapore, what’s your take?
TCM slimming has always been an alternative solution to slimming since 40 years ago! Actually, many TCM companies use acupuncture slimming but there are no proper shop front which uses cupping and gua sha as a method. But this method is nothing new. There are home-based salons that do this and you may think that you can even do it at home! But we do not agree on experimentation. This should be done on a proper guidance. That is why, we decided to set up a brick and mortar shop under the guidance of Dr Colin to administer this treatment.

3) How do you ensure the program’s competiveness and effectiveness?
We conduct our business with integrity and puts all our client’s health on priority. We have learnt that some companies use dangerous and invasive methods which includes fire etc that may cause burns or injury to the body. We ensure that we do not use any of such method to ensure the safety of clients. We use only baguan and guasha for our treatments. Both our centres are endorsed by Physician Colin Chan Peng Chong (SRN CCRN) and he has been a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) internal medicine and acupuncture practitioner for closed to 30 years. A sought-after seminar speaker, academic and clinical mentor, he is also registered with the Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners Board, Ministry of Health Singapore. He is also a Lecturer, Clinical Mentor and Examiner of the Singapore Traditional Chinese Medical College. He gave us guidance since the first day and reviews the acupuncture points and practices on a monthly basis to ensure that we are always improving and updated with the latest knowledge.

Slim Couture

Slim Couture

4) Are there any slimming supplements required?
Strictly NO pills or any supplementary dietary or meal replacement shakes. We do not encourage customers to take any pills during the entire treatment.

5) Is there a diet plan to follow?
During treatment, you will be advised to abstain from carbohydrates and processed foods. Our diet plan is made up of fruits, vegetables and non-processed meat. Basically, it is a low carbohydrates, medium to high proteins and a high minerals and vitamins diet plan! After all, all these are healthy eating!

6) Money back guarantee?
We understand that this treatment may not be suitable for all customers thus we offer a money-back-guarantee program. After all, it is the branding and real testimonial of clients which have helped us to move thus far. Nevertheless, we experience 100% success rate on our clients. We are truly blessed by the continuous streams of referrals, positive reviews and thank you messages from our customers.

7) Will the lost weight rebound after the treatment?
When our clients are on the program, we set the ideal weight’s target for clients and 99% of our clients are able to achieve their ideal weight’s target while on Divine Slim’s program. Once they reach their ideal weight, the chances for them to rebound is very unlikely…. unless they go for buffets everyday (with a laugh). The reason is because their metabolism is optimum and they will have a younger body age, lower fats percentage, their stomach capacity is smaller and they will not tend to overeat. Most importantly, their overall health is in a much better condition as well. Clients can still enjoy healthy and good food and even feasting with their friends and family but naturally clients will be more aware and conscious of the choices of food that they will be putting into their mouths. In fact, 85% of our clients reported that they continued to experience weight loss of up to 2.5kg after they have graduated from the slimming program.

8) Any plans for expansion?
Yes, something exciting is brewing! As you know, obesity has several causes eg. eating habits, psychological patterns, stress etc. So we are in the midst of creating a health centre to provide a holistic approach for your specific cause of being overweight. Each individual requires her/his own customized therapy which we will provide. We are quite excited!


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