J & J Special Beef Noodle @ Old Airport Road

March 23, 2016

 J & J Special Beef Noodle: Stall Front
 J & J Special Beef Noodle's Owners (William and his wife) and their Beef Noodle in a Bowl
 J & J Special Beef Noodle: Wagyu Beef Rice without the rice
 J & J Special Beef Noodle: Braised Beef Muscle
 J & J Special Beef Noodle: Braised Beef Tendon

When foodies see the word “special” in a stall name, we usually get a little excited. Here we are at J & J Special Beef Noodle in Old Airport Road Food Centre, wondering how special is their beef noodle soup?

William and his wife started this hawker business after they were retrenched in 2008. They didn’t have any recipes to follow and started to experiment with their son as the food taster. They took part in Buzzing Cashier the following year, and slowly gained a good stream of regulars.

I think the special part of their stall is, serving good beef in hawker centre at affordable price. Of course we are not talking about A5 grade Japanese Kobe Beef kind of quality lah. But hey, where can you find decent beef in a hawker centre? I think we can count it with our fingers. However, the menu is very messy as the whole stall is full of pictures and words and pricing. So it is best to let the friendly couple give you some recommendation.

The most memorable dish I had was Braised Beef Tendon. Tendon is a tough band of fibrous tissue when not cooked properly. When braised properly for a long time, it’s so tender and moist, some will even dissolve in the broth to give that richness and creaminess. Here at J&J, the braised beef tendon ($6.50) melts in your mouth that makes your tastebuds jump with joy. The high collagen content…that really blew my mind. They also serve Braised Beef Muscle ($4.50).

Their Braised Beef Brisket Noodle ($6.50) is a comforting bowl for anyone who craves for soup. The stock is braised for a long period with bones and spices to get that clear beefy goodness. The beef slices were cooked to a medium consistency for that perfect texture. It actually reminds me of Vietnamese beef noodles.

We were too full for Wagyu Beef Rice but that was highly recommended by the foodies. Looks like we have to go back for second trip again! On Fridays, they have a special Soup Lembu ($6.50/bowl) as well

J & J Special Beef Noodle

Address: Block 51 Old Airport Road Food Centre #01-162 Singapore 390051

Opening Hours: 10.30 am to 9.00 pm (Closed on Mondays)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jnjbeef162/

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