The Highly Anticipated TANGS CNY Fair 2018 is Back!

Victoria Cheung
Victoria Cheung
January 31, 2018

TANGS CNY Fair is back at VivoCity!

‘Tis the wonderful season of Chinese New Year, where festive goodies are gobbled up, and #ootds are snapped! As as we inch towards the new lunar year, we have to prepare our houses for the arrival of guests and loved ones — spring cleaning, decorating the house, and most importantly, stocking up on CNY goodies. The highly anticipated TANGS CNY Fair is back at VivoCity, and this year marks their biggest and grandest fair yet!

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Featuring over 40 brands of festive goodies such as Prune Kueh Lapis, Rose Pineapple Tarts, Salted Egg Yolk Cookies, Wasabi Nuts and more. Shoppers who spend more than $180 (TANGS members) and $250 (Non-TANGS members) at the TANGS CNY fair can also redeem an exclusive TANGS bio-degradable tray (worth $39.90). This offer is limited to the first 1000 shoppers only, so hurry down to TANGS CNY Fair at VivoCity for your CNY shopping!

We went through tons of delightful goodies at the TANGS CNY Fair and here are 8 of our favourites!


Truffle cookies? What an unorthodox combination! We chanced upon 25grams, a stall selling Truffle White Chocolate Macadamia Cookies ($27). This was a surprisingly good combination. Apart from that, 25grams also sells a range of delicious vegan cookies, such as Vegan Sea Salt Olive Oil Chocolate Chip Cookies ($27), Vegan Almond Cookies ($27), and Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies ($27). I especially liked the Vegan Almond Cookies, which had a rich and buttery consistency. It is unfathomable how neither egg nor butter is used. These cookies will definitely be a hit with those who prefer less sugary treats.

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Bai Jia Xing

Customisable cookie boxes at Bai Jia Xing have got to be their most special feature. Bai Jia Xing, which means “the Hundred Family Surnames” in Chinese, is a classic Chinese text encompassing 504 Chinese surnames. Bai Jia Xing’s founder pays tribute to the significant age-old history of Chinese surnames by printing 300 common and uncommon Chinese surnames on beautiful magnets. Simply purchase a box of cookies from them to pick your desired surname and customise your very own cookie box!

Bai Jia Xing’s Nutty Almond ($25) is their bestseller, and it is easy to see just why. The almond cookies are divine as they melt instantly in your mouth. Their Pineapple Tarts ($25) are buttery, moist and generously stuffed with pineapple fillings, while their Hae Bee Hiam ($25) is slightly spicy, with a flavourful prawn aroma. All items at Bai Jia Xing cost $25, and those who purchase 2 items and above are entitled to a 10% discount. Purchase 4 items, and the discount increases to 20%.

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Chocoelf is a renowned local chocolate brand, that produces healthier chocolates with little or no sugar. Chocoelf is a strong believer that “no sugar is better”, and the CNY cookies and snacks we sampled evidently showed that Chocoelf stays true to their brand ethos. Some of their sugar-free goodies (natur¬ally sweetened with Maltinol) include Red Velvet Cookies ($28), Earl Grey Cookies ($28) and Chocolate Almonds ($20) in an assortment of chocolate coatings. A noteworthy item from the less-sweet range is the Cocoa Pineapple Tarts ($28), with dark chocolate added to the traditional pineapple tart. Customers who purchase 5 items get to pick an additional item for free.

Chocoelf 3
Chocoelf 5

Coco & Frank

Coco & Frank sells a range of handmade flourless cookies. Expect unique flavours such as Earl Grey Almond ($16), Tangerine Dark Belgium Chocolate ($18), Macadamia Nut ($16) and Nonya Spicy Dried Shrimp ($18). Coco & Frank’s cookies are cutely named “oatkies”, as they are made from finely-ground Australian-sourced oatmeal, in place of traditional wheat flour. I especially liked their Salted Egg Oatkies ($18), which have a strong and very flavoursome salted egg yolk aroma. The seasonal Oatmeal Nonya Spicy Dried Shrimp Oatkies ($18) are interesting too, and taste like a healthy hae bee hiam in cookie form. Furthermore, Coco & Frank’s cookies are cut into bite-sized cubes, which makes for easy and convenient consumption. No artificial colourings or flavourings are used either, which explains the shelf life of 10-12 weeks.

Coco & Frank 3
Coco & Frank 2

Cookies4U by Scoopz

Looking for eggless cookies that have a low sugar content, are handmade and uses 100% premium butter? Cookies4U by Scoopz sells cookies that fulfil all of the above criteria. Their signature item is Golden Pebbles ($19), also known as potato cookies, as potato is one of the key ingredients in the cookies. Certain cookies, such as the Almond Cookies, also come in a healthier option (less sugar). I love the salty-sweet Ah Ma Almond Cookies (eggless), which have the perfect texture. Unique creations such as the Organic Brown Rice Cookies ($19), Curry Springroll ($19) and Kueh Bangkit Cheese ($21) are also available.

Cookies4U 4
Cookies4U 3

East Ocean

East Ocean Teochew Restaurant was established in 1992, and is known in the region for serving excellent Teochew Cantonese cuisine and dim sum. Their CNY treats such as Nian Gao, Carrot Cake with Yam and Preserved Sausages, Healthy Guilin Water Chestnut Cake, and White Fungus Cake with Red Dates have long been popular items. A snack worth trying is East Ocean’s Salted Egg Yolk Fish Skin, which was voted no. 1 by The Sunday Times in their 2018 blind taste test. The Crispy Salted Egg Fish Skin (200g, $19) is savoury, slightly spicy and very, very crunchy. Also available at their booth are the Signature East Ocean Special XO Sauce ($19) and East Ocean Signature Chilli Sauce ($13).

east 2
east 3

Home’s Favourite

Home’s Favourite is known for their famous durian mooncakes, which sell out really fast during the Mid Autumn Festival. This Lunar New Year, Home’s Favourite is rolling out a range of cookies. Look forward to interesting heart-shaped cookies such as Jackfruit Cookies ($30.80), Rose Tea Cookies ($27.80) and Laksa Cookies ($29.80). They even have Champagne Chocolate Chips Cookies ($27.80) and Red Wine with Cranberry Cookies ($28.80).

home 2
home 3

King of Melon Seeds

King of Melon Seeds certainly lives up to their name. They offer a myriad of tasty and quirky treats in every flavour imaginable. Their selection of unconventional goodies comprises Banana Leaf Nasi Lemak Snack Mix ($12), Sour Cream Cashew Nuts ($12) and 888 Katong Laksa Snack Mix ($10). My favourites are the Salted Caramel Cashew Nuts ($13) and super addictive Sichuan Ma-la Hotpot Broad Beans ($12). Pretty spectacular, I must say!

King of Melon 2
King of Melon 7

It was tough shortlisting just 8 brands among the plethora of inviting snacks available, and we absolutely cannot wait to go back to TANGS CNY Fair on a weekend to soak up the CNY atmosphere. See you there!

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