Terang Bulan – Uniquely Flavoured Martabak From Indonesia!

Sean Ng
Sean Ng
May 06, 2018

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Everyone loves a good martabak manis. Pan–fried to a thick pillowy texture before being stuffed with different kinds of fillings, this pancake is well-loved all around the world. The classic Indonesian delicacy is almost impossible to miss when one is travelling along the streets of Indonesia. Back in Singapore however, while martabak manis may not the most popular street food, there are still a few stalls selling this delightful snack, and one of them is Terang Bulan.

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Terang Bulan is a quaint little store selling martabak manis with unique stuffings in East Village Mall. Chocolate, banana and cheese are some of the common stuffings found in the Indonesian pancake. But Nutella spread? Kitkat stuffing? That’s pretty unique! Dita, the owner of Terang Bulan, is the proud creator of these special martabak flavours. Before embarking on the F&B path, the Surabaya–born was formerly working as a marketing executive in a humanitarian organization. “My husband and I love martabak manis, and I decided to learn how to make the delicacy from a school, which teaches the recipe for martabak manis,” shared Dita. “We have also reduced the sweetness and thickness of the martabak manis to suit the taste of Singaporeans,”she added. 

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Dita churns out a fresh batch of batter on a daily basis, so patrons can look forward to freshly–made martabaks for each order. There are five types of martabak to choose from, including the standard flavour, premium flavour, red velvet edition, pizza terbul as well as mini terbul. Team Tam Chiak decided to order the Terbul Chonana ($7) from the standard section, and the Terbul Kitkat ($8) from the premium section.

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Our all–time favourite, Terbul Chonana, featured a huge fluffy pancake stuffed with classic chocolate sprinkles and sliced banana, and finished with a generous drizzle of condensed milk. Some of the martabaks I’ve had in the past came either slightly burnt or undercooked, but the one here at Terang Bulan was executed just right. While the exterior was nicely browned and crispy at the edges, the insides remained consistently fluffy and chewy. “We made our pancakes more fluffy using our secret recipe,” Dita explained enthusiastically.

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Prior to serving, each whole martabak – which can feed up to 4 to 5 persons –  is cut into bite-sized pieces. Having it served this way definitely offers much more convenience for patrons! We highly recommend the Terbul Chonana to all martabak lovers. 

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Aside from classic flavours, Terang Bulan also offers variants of the Indonesia treat which sees their delicious pancakes stuffed with more unconventional flavours. The Terbul Kitkat had a generous spread of nutella and kitkat crumbs, a sinful combination that will surely give you a sugar rush! This is only for those with an especially sweet tooth. 

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While Terang Bulan offers really good martabak manis, it’s not really accessible (unless you’re staying near East Village). Lucky for us, Terang Bulan offers island-wide delivery with just only an additional $10 surcharge (from Tuesdays to Sundays). Dita can get really busy with the orders at peak hours, so remember to call to order in advance. If you’re in the vicinity, why not drop by to have some freshly made martabak? Terang Bulan also co-shares the space with fried banana fritters specialist Pisang Keju. If martabak isn’t enough, you can always order some fried banana fritters! We promise you’ll leave the place contented and satisfied.

Terang Bulan

Address: 430 Upper Changi Road, #01-04 East Village Mall, Singapore 487048

Phone: 9230 9514

Email Address: terangbulan.sg@gmail.com

Opening Hours: Tuesdays to Sundays 12pm to 8pm. Mondays closed.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/terangbulan.sg/

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