11 Favourite Stalls at Tiong Bahru Market

August 19, 2012
Tiong Bahru Market Main Entrance & Sign
Tiong Bahru Market is one of the best hawker centres in Singapore. Here, you can find a wide array of yummy hawker food and it is always in long queues during weekends. Ask any Singaporean and they can name you at least 2 dishes worth trying in this food centre. We did a hawker trail at Tiong Bahru Food Centre a few weeks ago.
Tiong Bahru Market: Jian Bo Shui Kueh's chwee kueh
Jian Bo Shui Kueh
Stall: #02-05
Price: 8 pcs $2.40
Forget about all other stalls who says they are the authentic Jian Bo Shui Kueh, because this is the one and only one stall in Tiong Bahru, nowhere else! Their chwee kueh well deserves its reputation. The firm and moist texture of the kueh is topped with fragrant chye poh. The chye poh has sesame seeds added for extra texture. And the sambal belachan gave the chwee kueh an additional kick.
Tiong Bahru Market: HarriAnn's Delights' vegetarian glutinous rice
HarriAnn’s Delights
Stall: #02-25
Price: $2
Serving bites of nostalgia, Harriann’s Delight is popular for their nonya kuehs, yam cake and even their vegetarian glutinous rice! These tasty glutinous rice mixed with braised soft whole peanuts, don’t be fooled by its appearance, it is very fragrant!
  Tiong Bahru Market: Min Nan Pork Ribs Prawn Noodle
Min Nan Prawn Noodle
Stall: #02-31
Price: $4
Min Nan Pork Ribs Prawn Noodle participated in one of Channel 8 show, Buzzing Cashier (抢摊大行动) and business has revived since then. The prawns are pretty fresh and it was interesting to see fishballs appearing in a bowl of prawn noodles.
Tiong Bahru Market: Tiong Bahru Char Kway Teow
Tiong Bahru Char Kway Teow
Stall: #02-11
Price: $4
Owner takes his own time to fry every plate of char kway teow individually. It was drier and not so oily, but I prefer it to be sweeter.  
  Tiong Bahru Market: Lee Hong Kee Roast Meat
Lee Hong Kee Roast Meat
Stall: #02-60
Price: $10
This stall has one of the longest queues in this food centre and is said to be the best roast meat stall here. I like the sio bak because of the super crispy skin. The char siew was mediocre, perhaps it’s because we had a better char siew from another stall. I find it too expensive.
      Tiong Bahru Market: Tiong Bahru Lor Mee
Tiong Bahru Lor Mee
Stall: #02-80
Price: $3
Besides the roast meat, Tiong Bahru Food Centre is also famous for its lor mee. And the top 2 lor mee here is Tiong Bahru Lor Mee and 178 Lor Mee. So we bought both to let everyone try! My vote still goes to Tiong Bahru Lor Mee. It has many ingredients such as ngor hiang, fish cake, lor bak, braised egg, fried fish and fried dumplings.
  Tiong Bahru Market: 178 Lor Mee
178 Lor Mee
Stall: #02-58
Price: $3
The famous ingredient here is the famous Shark’s Meat fritters. In fact, every ingredient here is fried, which was too heavy for me. The sauce here is thicker than Tiong Bahru Lor Mee, but I felt Tiong Bahru Lor Mee’s gravy is more flavourful.
  Tiong Bahru Market: Tiong Bahru Fishballs
Tiong Bahru Fishballs
Stall: #02-20
Price: 3 plates for $17, so approx $5.60 each.
We bought three big plates of fishballs and fish cakes to be shared among the three tables. I would always eat this stall whenever I am here, because the fish meat is so fresh and it was not too oily. Very tasty every bite, my favourite is the huge fish cake.
  Tiong Bahru Market: Tiong Bahru Pau's big bao
Tiong Bahru Market: Tiong Bahru Pau's siew mai
Tiong Bahru Pau
Stall: $02-18/19
Price: 2 big bao, 2 char siew bao, 4 siew mai $7.60
We also ordered some bao and siew mai as an appetizer from Tiong Bahru Pau. I like their big bao because the pork is very juice, and the skin is light and fluffy. The char siew bao filling is also seasoned perfectly, not too sweet.

Tiong Bahru Market: Zhong Yu Yuan Wei Wanton Noodle

Zhong Yu Yuan Wei Wanton Noodle
Stall: #02-30
Price: Wanton noodles with pig’s armpit $5
While we were doing reccee for this food trail (see my post), we tried the wanton noodles here and really love it. So we are so determined to share it with our friends, hence we arranged the hawker trail earlier so that we can buy the pig’s armpit char siew. Favourite dish for the trail goes to this stall because not only is the char siew well grilled, the noodles was well blanched to give it a springy texture.
  Tiong Bahru Market: Liang Liang Garden's Milo Dinosaur Ice KachangTiong Bahru Market: Liang Liang Garden's Shark Fin Cheng Tng (not real shark fin, by the way)
Liang Liang Garden
Stall: #02-75
Price: Milo Dinosaur Ice Kachang $2; Shark Fin Cheng Tng $2
Dessert was shared among a few of us and we ordered from Liang Liang Garden because it has really unique desserts. You probably have drank milo dinosaur and eaten ice kachang separately, but how about combing both together – Milo Dinosaur Ice Kachang! Interesting, isn’t it? And there is also Shark Fin Cheng Tng, not real shark fin lah, just plain jelly!
  Table full of food @ Tiong Bahru Market
11 stalls, 18 pax and each of us only pay $9 each. We enjoyed all our hawker food very much, I think this is my breakfast, lunch and dinner! 
  Took pictures with friends @ Tiong Bahru Market
Took more pictures with friends @ Tiong Bahru Market
Maureen and friends @ Tiong Bahru Market
Here’s all of us! Thank you for the helpers for buying the food!

Tiong Bahru Food Centre 

Address: 30 Seng Poh Road
Nearest MRT: Tiong Bahru
Bus: 5, 16, 33, 63, 75, 123, 195, 851

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