Twin Star Dim Sum – Twin Brothers Quit Dim Sum Chef Jobs to Serve Heavenly Char Siew Bao in Kopitiam

May 05, 2023

A pair of twin brothers have traded in their high-end dim sum head chef jobs to bring their culinary expertise to the humble kopitiam scene.

Meet Chin Kwok Heng and Chin Kwok Hoong, the masterminds behind Twin Star Dim Sum in Yishun. Chin Kwok Heng and Chin Kwok Hoong, made a bold move when they left their head chef positions at Peach Garden Chinese Restaurant and Fu Lin Men Chinese Restaurant, respectively, to start their own hawker stall where they serve handmade dim sum and congee.



twin star

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, the brothers serve handmade dim sum that will leave your taste buds dancing with joy. From fluffy BBQ pork buns to molten salted egg custard buns, fried dim sum to congee, Twin Star Dim Sum offers close to 20 items on their menu.



Be sure not to miss the BBQ Pork Bun — Twin Star Dim Sum’s signature dish. Their fluffy, delicate bun which is fermented overnight with a yeast starter, unveils a perfectly balanced sweet and savoury char siew filling that will make even those who typically aren’t fans of char siew bao fall in love with it.



I also love their Custard Bun. The soft, yellow bun is filled with a rich and creamy salted egg custard that has just the right amount of sweetness. The molten filling was so smooth and addictive.


According to the brothers, making the Deep-Fried Taro Dumplings is no easy feat as it requires precise temperature control to achieve the perfect shatteringly crisp crust. The dumplings are filled with fragrant mashed yam and a delectable combination of dried shrimp, diced mushrooms, and chicken cubes — a must-try dish at Twin Star Dim Sum.


The Sichuan Hot Sour Dumplings are a must-try for any dumpling lover. These poached dumplings have the perfect balance of sweetness and spiciness, and that silky smooth skin is absolutely delightful.




Other dim sum options include Crystal Prawn Dumpling, Steamed Mushroom Dumpling and more.

Twin Star Dim Sum stands out from other hawker stalls due to their dedication to quality and precision. Their dim sum is more refined than what you would typically find in a hawker setting, warranting the slightly higher prices. Head over to Twin Star Dim Sum and treat yourself to some affordable and incredibly delicious dim sum today!

Twin Star Dim Sum

Address: Blk 732 Yishun Ave 5 #01-380, Singapore 760732.

Opening Hours: 8am to 3pm, closed every Tuesdays