Hello world, it’s bento time again! Got a Pink Animal Rice Mould ($17) from Jmama&Baby, so I made something really simple. Received some emails from parents asking about bento making, so I thought I can use this chance to answer some of them!

Q: How long did you take to make the bentos?
I took about 15 minutes to make, about 15 minutes to shoot. If you are going to make bento for your kids in the morning, you definitely want to get it done within 15 minutes or so. But you don’t want to just do a normal looking bento for your child, so these moulds come in handy.

Q: Do you use any tools?
Yes, besides the moulds, I use bento knives and bento scissors to cut the nori and stick it to the rice. Also, I use a face cutter to punch out the emotions from the seaweed.

Q: How do you know what ingredients to add in?
Depending on what you want your kids to eat. For me, because I make it for the boyfriend or myself, I will put what I want to eat. In this case, I had indian rojak. The rule is, try not to have soup or something with too much sauce. Because by the time you start eating, all your food will turn soggy.



I don’t have much time to do nice colouring for the rice, so I make do with whatever I can find in the kitchen then. Anyway, I am just going to mix them up and eat altogether. Because the moulds doesn’t come with face cutter, so you can put on your creativity cap and stick any expressions you want!

Hope you like my bento!