8889 Ji Gong Bao – Bringing Flavourful Chicken Hotpot from Ang Mo Kio to Yishun

February 13, 2024

Co-founded by Shirli and her husband, 8889 Chicken Hot Pot quickly gained traction with its affordable chicken hotpot featuring fresh Kampung chicken. They first opened their flagship stall in Ang Mo Kio in 2019. Just recently, they expanded with a second outlet located at 123 Yishun Street 11.


The pricing varied depending on the choice of soup base among the 7 available options. The Original, priced at $16.90 for 2 servings, offers a non-spicy flavour infused with 8889 Chicken Hot Pot’s signature marinade. Other classic options such as Mala, GongBao, and Herbal also began at $16.90, with the option to select spice levels for Mala and GongBao, ranging from 1 to 4. These flavours were available at $24.90 for 4 servings and S$34.90 for 6 servings.


However, it’s the Drunken Soup Flavour that truly steals the show for me. Priced at $19.90 for 2 servings, $29.90 for 4 servings, and $42.90 for 6 servings, this indulgent creation combines the signature marinade with a medley of herbs, three distinct types of Chinese wine. Rich, fragrant, and imbued with a subtle hint of alcohol, the broth is a harmonious blend of savoury and herbal notes. The Kampung chicken, simmered to perfection, effortlessly absorbs the essence of the broth, resulting in tender, melt-in-your-mouth goodness.


Beyond their delectable soup bases, 8889 Chicken Hot Pot also offers an array of delectable sides, ranging from $2.50 to $5.50. Among these, the Minced Mushroom Chicken stands out as a crowd favourite, which complements the soup base beautifully.

I’ve been a regular at their Ang Mo Kio outlet as I absolutely love their Drunken Chicken Soup. The Kampung chicken they use is incredibly tender. I’m thrilled that residents in Yishun can now enjoy these delicious dishes too.

8889 Ji Gong Bao

Address: 123 Yishun Street 11, Singapore 760123

Phone: +65 8139 0460

Opening Hours: 4pm - 10.30pm (Daily)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/8889jigongbao