Ginger at PARKROYAL on Beach Road Singapore Adds Delicious Local Dishes & $18 Set Lunches to Their Menu

Sheila Hong
Sheila Hong
April 22, 2022

When it comes to the quality of food, service and ambience, Ginger at PARKROYAL on Beach Road Singapore checks every box. Be it international delicacies or authentic local flavours, this gorgeous, Halal-certified tropical-themed restaurant executes each dish with finesse and is back to impress once again with spanking new additions to their a la carte menu. What’s more, they’re also introducing two-course set lunches during the weekdays at only $18!


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The Hainanese Chicken Chop is a stellar favourite — it’s classic comfort food and Ginger has managed to further elevate it. The grilled boneless chicken was amazingly juicy, tender and absolutely delicious, having been thoroughly marinated with the chef’s special sauce. I also loved the sweetness of the tomato-based sauce which was liberally drizzled over the chicken chop, and the slight whisper of char seared onto the meat while it was on the grill. The tasty poultry comes with fries, baked beans, coleslaw and garlic bread.


Now, this is one dish that meat lovers can’t miss out on. Feast your eyes and belly on the Angus Beef Striploin, which features a stunning slab of Australian black Angus beef that had been basted in butter and meaty juices to achieve a mouth-wateringly full-bodied flavour, as well as a side of crispy fries. The moment you sink your teeth into the tender meat, marinated in a blend of special homemade spices, is when you understand gastronomical bliss. The experience was made even better once we tried the impeccable beef with the accompanying toothsome gravy.


The Crispy Chicken Cutlet didn’t pale in comparison either; the deep-fried chicken thigh yielded a satisfying crunch. The ratio of breading and meat was superb and worked hand in hand to present quite possibly the yummiest chicken cutlet there is. The succulent and nicely seasoned chicken is complete with classic pairings of fries, baked beans, coleslaw and garlic bread.


One of our favourites was hands-down the Crab Beehoon. A heavenly fragrance wafting from the stir-fried bee hoon hit our senses even before the dish arrived. Every strand of the thin beehoon was infused with umami from the garlic and crab roe broth. Of course, the dish was lavishly topped with chunks of crab meat and white cabbage. Pair the crab meat with the chinchalok chilli sauce on the side to enjoy a mix of sweet, savoury, spicy and tangy flavours that gets more addictive with every bite.


There’s no better way to end a meal than with something sweet for dessert and in true Singaporean fashion, we were served Durian Pengat! The durian pulp mixed with milk, sugar and pandan leaves resulted in a super creamy and rich mousse-like treat that was decadently smooth. The punch of durian flavours is sure to satiate any durian fan out there!


Weekdays can be a little on the mundane side for most, but Ginger is here to spice it up with their two-course set lunches that also come with your choice of coffee, tea or soft drink at only $18. Take your pick among their appetisers of Grilled Chicken with Avocado and Green Salad, Vegetarian Rojak, Achar Salad with Shredded Chicken or a Double-Boiled Soup of the Day (Western and Chinese soups available).


Their mains will definitely leave you spoilt for choice. The Black Pepper Chicken Cutlet Rice sees a thick chicken cutlet with a healthy serving of sweet black pepper sauce on a bed of fragrant rice, with a side of coleslaw. One of our top picks was the Chicken Satay Beehoon, where the noodles are heavily doused in a spicy-sweet satay sauce that was absolutely sinful and served with fresh prawns and beautifully poached chicken. The Laksa Yong Tau Foo also won our approval as we slurped up the yellow noodles with the fragrant broth that comprised an ideal mix of coconut milk and spices. Vegans need not fret as they also have a fantastic Sensational Meatball Pasta with Tomato Sauce. 

The Ginger Set Lunch Menu is only available on weekdays from Monday to Friday between 12pm to 2.30pm.


Ginger at PARKROYAL on Beach Road definitely has no shortage of excellent dishes infused with authentic Singaporean flavours. We can’t wait to see what other creations they will churn out in the future! Until then, make your bookings and head on down to tuck into their latest menu.

Ginger at PARKROYAL on Beach Road Singapore

Address: 7500 Beach Road, Singapore 199591

Phone: 3138 1995


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Opening Hours: 12pm-2.30pm, 6pm-10pm daily.


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