ION Orchard – A Dazzling World of Cuisines For Every Occasion

Sheila Hong
Sheila Hong
January 19, 2022

ION Orchard is more than a shopping haven in the heart of Singapore; it’s also a space decked out with numerous dining options for all budgets and occasions. Be it a fancy lunch, afternoon tea with the girls, or dinner and drinks with a view, ION Orchard promises a whole slew of options that are sure to take you on a gastronomic journey like no other. Here’s our guide on some of the best that ION Orchard has to offer!

Tempura Tendon Tenya (#B4-56)


Good quality food without breaking the bank? Say hello to Japan’s number one tendon chain restaurant! Enjoy value-for-money bowls heaped with premium ingredients or go all-out with a set meal that comes with udon or soba on top of your tendon! We couldn’t resist their new Spicy Cold Udon, which is a refreshing change in palate when contrasted with the tempura dishes. The Salmon Tendon ($14.90) features large salmon fillets that stay delightfully flaky on the inside while crisp on the outside, along with Hiroshima oyster, Camembert cheese, mashed potato, ohba and ikura.

Niku Kappo (#B3-23)


Enjoy an authentic Japanese Kappo-style meal in the cosy Niku Kappo with their impressive selection of unique meat dishes. A feast for the tummy and eyes, the Yaki Tetsu Sukiyaki ($28.90-$35.90, minimum 2 pax to order) is cooked before your eyes in a traditional cast-iron pot, featuring thinly-sliced Japanese beef in sukiyaki sauce. Other beefy favourites include melt-in-your-mouth Sukiyaki Sushi ($19.90), slices of Wagyu Red Carpet in Uni Sauce ($19.90), as well as pork-based Mt. Fuji Nabe ($20.90-$22.90), Tori Kushi Mori ($19.90) which are chicken skewers with a rainbow of flavours such as miso, citrus and teriyaki.

Sen-Ryo (#03-14/14A)

ipiccy_image (25)

Using quality ingredients directly imported from Japan’s own Toyosu Fish Market and all around the world, Sen-Ryo teases palates with a glittering repertoire of authentic Japanese dishes crafted by an esteemed team of shokunin (artisan chefs). Feast on fresh Otoro Sashimi ($24), and sushi such as Maguro with Shio Koji ($6.80) topped with a dollop of minced fatty tuna, and the irresistible Sen-Ryo Sushi ($8.80) that sees a stellar combination of uni, negitoro and ikura. For true indulgence, treat yourself to the aromatic Grilled Beef Tenderloin with Foie Gras ($28), simmered in a delectable sauce made with the juices of the meat, mirin and black pepper.

Lady M (#03-13B/32/33)


An exquisite high-tea afternoon awaits at Lady M, the only one of its kind in Singapore, which boasts a spectacularly curated champagne bar. Sip on a glass of Bruno Paillard Champagne while enjoying their Afternoon Tea Set for two ($60++ per pax) which promises savouries and sweets, including artisanal tea and a special mini boutique exclusive Champagne Mille Crêpe topped with Rosé Première Cuvée Extra Brut Bruno Paillard Champagne gelée. They also sell beautiful Bon Bon sets ($45 for a box of three) with flavours inspired by their signature cakes. Feeling more than a little peckish? The creamy Maine Lobster Pasta ($32++) is to die for!

Violet Oon (#03-22/28-29)


Celebrated for their flawless execution of Nyonya favourites, Violet Oon’s Singapore High Tea Set ($58 for two) marries traditional buttery English scones and clotted cream with a gorgeous spread of local culinary favourites of sweet and savoury light bites such as kuay pie tee, otak, chilli crab tartlets and kueh ko sui. And because it’s Violet Oon, you can’t leave without a taste of their Hainanese Pork Chop ($35), featuring a juicy Kurobuta pork loin topped with a house-made tomato sauce reduction with sides of steak cut fries and petit pois with minced kale.

Sunday Folks (#04-11B)


Nothing beats a sweet treat during the day to perk yourself up! At Sunday Folks, be spoilt for choice as you peruse their menu of handcrafted desserts and freshly-churned artisanal ice-cream inspired by flavours from all around the world. We instantly fell in love with the beautiful Earl Grey Butterscotch Parfait ($18), a divine creation that includes a medley of strawberry compote, fresh strawberries, earl grey pudding and more. Their ice cream petits gâteaux are equally tempting, with our favourites being the refreshingly fruity Pavlova ($12) and pistachio-forward Marrakesh ($14).

Taste Paradise (#04-07)

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Offering the best of Cantonese cuisine, Taste Paradise is the perfect place for intimate meals with friends and family. Enjoy delicious starters of Crispy Golden Tofu ($10.80) and BBQ Combination platter ($28, two varieties) that showcases their signature charred honey BBQ US Kurobuta pork and crackling pork belly. We couldn’t get enough of the Steamed Dragon Grouper with Garlic and Beancurd Skin ($13 per 100g)! Looking to pamper your taste buds? The glorious wok hei from the Baked Prawn with Vermicelli in Black and White Pepper ($11 per 100g) and the umami from the Poached Rice with Assorted Seafood in Lobster Broth ($58) will definitely satisfy!

FLNT & Atico Lounge (#55-01)

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Dinner and drinks with a gorgeous view? The only establishment in Singapore offering Nikkei cuisine, FLNT brings a dazzling array of Sumiyaki delicacies to the table, amped up with Japanese Peruvian flavours. The Foie Gras Tacos ($24 for two pieces) are amazingly rich while the Yellowtail Ceviche ($25) reigns with simple but refreshing flavours. The Gindara ($45) sees grilled miso cod dressed in aji verde (Peruvian green sauce) and the Kohitsuji Yaki ($50) features grilled lamb rack with red pepper garlic sauce and kimizu dip. Once dinner is over, enjoy globally-inspired tipples and mixologist specials in the intimately cosy Atico Lounge.


This guide is just the tip of the iceberg! ION Orchard is truly a flourishing foodie paradise with a wealth of delicious cuisines for every occasion! Along with the numerous brands dedicated to fashion and beauty, and incredible views at ION Sky, ION Orchard has so much to offer. What are you waiting for? Time to take a trip to town!

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