Juicy Tuesday 8 – Celery Kiwi Juice

February 18, 2014

Happy Tuesday folks! It’s gonna be a busy week with many makan sessions and meetups. But I am not complaining because time passes fast and I am also looking forward to March with exciting plans coming up.

I used to have constipation issues so my aunt will sometimes force me to drink prune juice which I really hate. But these few months ago, I start to take good care of my digestive health by drinking lots of warm water every day.

Usually I will bring a small bottle of plain water out and always cannot finish drinking. But now, I drink at least 5 cups of warm water every day. I know it is still not enough lah because the standard recommendation is to consume 8 glasses of water everyday, but I think I am doing better than before. *pat on shoulder*

Sometimes I add lemon or cucumber to my water for a refreshing twist. My friends have recommended me to add apple cider vinegar but I still can’t get used to the taste. I don’t mind adding some cider vinegar into my cupcakes though. LOL.

Another way to improve digestive health is to include a broad spectrum of colourful fruits and vegetables. They are packed with important vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that will enhance digestive health. Try this celery kiwi juice! You may love it!


Recipe for Celery Kiwi Juice (西洋芹奇异果汁)

50g celery
150g kiwi
Some honey

1. Wash the celery and cut into small pieces
2. Remove skin of kiwi. Cut into small pieces
3. Place all ingredients into a juicer, add in a cup of water and blend.
4. Add some honey to taste.

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