Level Up Your Chinese New Year Feast With Kinohimitsu’s Abalones

January 03, 2023

A bubbling steamboat may be the centerpiece of every Chinese New Year dinner, but everyone knows that the real star of the meal is abalone. The shellfish helps add a premium touch to every feast, and come chocked full of flavour and significance. Its name, when loosely translated from Mandarin, implies ringing in good fortune and abundance. And more importantly, it has a well-loved texture that’s soft and tender — yet versatile enough to add a touch of umami to any dish you choose to pair abalone with. 


kinohimitsu abalone 08

This festive season, treat your loved ones to the abalone series from Kinohimitsu. With roots as a beauty and wellness brand, expect the same dedication to nourishment with its abalone preparation. Every can is made to retain the natural flavour of the seafood — without any bleaching agent; and has no added antibiotics, anti-bacterial agent, parasitic agent, and anti-fungal agent used. And the best part: they come packed in a beautiful gift box for easy gifting to loved ones, or as a convenient bundle to add a touch of luxury this festive season. 

Here are some of the ways the MissTamChiak team uses the Kinohimitsu range of abalone to elevate any Lunar New Year feast.

First Grade New Zealand Wild Abalone (1’s)

kinohimitsu abalone 07

This fine gem comes wild-caught off the coast of Southland, New Zealand. Stored in a brine of just salt and water, the First Grade abalone is the perfect choice for those who want to enjoy the natural flavours of sea. And there really isn’t much you need to do to enjoy this – just crack open a can, and slice up the abalone to enjoy sashimi-style. No need for any cooking and sweating over the stove, and we particularly appreciate the soft and tender mouthfeel of the abalone.

First Grade New Zealand Wild Abalone (2’s)

kinohimitsu abalone 06

You cannot serve the Chinese delicacy of Buddha Jumps Over The Wall without some abalone. And the Kinohimitsu wild-caught New Zealand range makes for an exquisite complement. They are hefty-sized, fit perfectly within the soup bowl, yet remain plump enough to provide a firm, hearty bite. With a dish like Buddha Jumps Over The Wall that utilises premium and high quality ingredients, this Kinohimitsu range makes the cut. 

Imperial Braised Japanese Abalone

kinohimitsu abalone 05

Kinohimitsu takes the prep work out with the ready-to-consume Imperial Braised selection. In each can, plump Japanese abalones come soaked in an aromatic concoction of chicken broth, made from old hens, and stewed for over 72 hours before sealing all the flavour within a can. But you would only need mere seconds to enjoy the abalone; they can be enjoyed as is – going straight from tin can to dinner table. Or in our case, the Imperial Braised Japanese Abalone went straight from the can and into a bubbling steamboat feast. Dunk each piece for a few seconds to warm it up before enjoying it. And don’t forget about that superior broth – pour the liquid into your steamboat soup base for an added layer of sweetness and umami!

Imperial Braised Japanese Abalone with Black Pepper

kinohimitsu abalone 04

Turn up the heat – and huat – with this aromatic black pepper abalone. It tastes great on its own, but pairing it with vegetables will help soak up the luscious gravy. Transform your usual plate of broccoli and mushroom with the addition of soft, chewy abalones – and the addictive sauce will turn this, and any humble vegetable dish, into a main highlight.

Imperial Braised Japanese Abalone with Scallop

kinohimitsu abalone 03

The bounty of the sea comes crammed into the Imperial Braised Japanese Abalone with Scallop. Besides the superior stock, the sauce comes fortified with dried Japanese scallops to lend plenty of natural sweetness. The rich, decadent gravy is perfect when drizzled over crispy ee mian, where each strand will soak up that flavour-rich sauce. You won’t even need other additions; just pair each mouthful with some tender abalone for a slurp-worthy noodle dish.

Shop the entire range of Kinohimitsu abalones, including lavish gift sets and promotional bundles here: https://sg.kinohimitsu.com/product-category/abalone/ or on any major ecommerce platforms, retail outlets and supermarkets islandwide. 

This post is brought to you by Kinohimitsu.