Kitchen Hands – Enjoy Restaurant Quality Meals at Home from $8.99/Pax

Kimberley Yeo
Kimberley Yeo
June 14, 2022

Kitchen Hands is Singapore’s first subscription-only meal kit service provider. As we all know, in a restaurant setting, a Kitchen Hand does all the Mise En Place (slicing vegetables, marinating meats, portioning ingredients) so that chefs can fire up dishes quickly during service. Singapore’s very own Kitchen Hands does exactly that — they source for fresh top quality ingredients, do most of the Mise En Place, and deliver the meal kits directly to consumers so that we can have a gourmet home-cooked meal in 30 minutes or less!

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1) Extremely convenient and fuss-free – no preparation/planning, little clean-up needed.

Recreating the dishes on their menu from scratch is definitely an expensive and time consuming process. You will need to plan, shop for groceries and usually buy in quantities that’s more than what you need. For example, you only need 2 tablespoons of cooking wine, but have to purchase an entire bottle. You probably won’t finish using it, and will end up tossing it out in a few weeks. Kitchen Hands delivers pre-cut, pre-portioned fresh ingredients. All you need are basic pantry items like oil, salt, pepper, and a pan. Kitchen Hands helps you to save time as you don’t have to plan, shop, or prepare!



2) Delicious restaurant quality meal in the comfort of your own home

Kitchen Hands releases a new multi-cuisine restaurant-quality menu that’s carefully curated by their team of talented chefs each week. Cooking their meal kits is definitely faster as compared to waiting for soggy delivery food. Kitchen Hand’s meal kits promise the same quality as restaurants do, but way cheaper, and without the commute, queuing, or long wait times. We all have experienced food orders that took more than an hour to arrive, sometimes half-spilled even, incomplete with missing items, or unexpectedly cancelled. With Kitchen Hands, you can enjoy a palatable array anytime in your home, even in the wee hours of the morning, without any inconveniences at all! Expect tantalising offerings such as Grilled Fish Tacos, Prawn Risotto, and Truffle Steak Donburi Bowl. Furthermore, you can tailor every dish to your heart’s desire by adjusting the amount of salt, oil, and sauces added to the mix.


3) Unbelievably affordable & FREE Delivery – it’s literally IMPOSSIBLE to get such tasty meals at SUCH prices anywhere else

Paying $38++ for a platter of paella in a restaurant is regular business, but a one pax Squid Ink Paella delivered to your home from just $8.99 nett? SAY WHAT? Where can you even find that? Ossobuco from $8.99 nett? You must think I’m joking, but I promise you that I’m not! The meal kits from Kitchen Hands start from an incredibly affordable price of just $8.99 for 1-4 pax. This is 1000% cheaper than eating out at restaurants or any of your food deliveries. Talk about unparalleled value!


4) Excellent variety – new menu every week (over 250 recipes in their collection!)

Their recipes go through an extensive R&D process, and the team is constantly experimenting with new recipes, keeping up with food trends and placing unique dishes that are not commonly found in Singapore on the menu. They gather feedback from their clients regularly and strive to improve their recipes all the time. Kitchen Hands does not repeat recipes within a 3-month period (most times even longer!) I get excited everytime I click into their website to check what’s on offer for the next two weeks. I’m always anticipating new recipes, but also looking forward to classics such as Ribeye Steak with Garlic Mashed Potato, Squid Ink Paella, Rosti with Sausages etc! They now offer 6 recipes each week, and customers can pick 3 or 4 options! Plans to increase the number of recipes available each week are in the pipeline.




5) Only fresh good quality ingredients are used

Kitchen Hand’s ingredients are 100% fresher than what you get at the Supermarket. For example, the prawns you see at the supermarket are thawed prawns. Kitchen Hands uses only fresh prawns sourced directly from the fishery port, and ingredients sourced directly from local suppliers and importers. Wherever you think your favourite upscale restaurants are getting their ingredients, Kitchen Hands is procuring from those places as well! To be very honest, I was very surprised when I saw how big and fresh their prawns were and immediately gave positive feedback to the team!




6) No food waste

Kitchen Hands only buys and gives their clients what is needed, so there’s no food waste! Consumers will have a lower environmental footprint through lower food waste and lower greenhouse gas emissions. Food waste is a huge problem throughout the food supply chain, and food waste is actually a bigger problem than packaging waste because it produces methane which is multiple times worse than carbon dioxide. They also recycle their ice packs and cooler bags to reduce packaging waste. Most of the food packaging they use is recyclable as well!


7) Healthier options – House-made products with no preservatives/MSG

Kitchen Hands makes their own healthy and nutritious soup stocks and sauces — all without preservatives/MSG! Some pastas and bread are handmade too. Their recipes are healthier, and more balanced, and the portions are generous. House-made broths and sauces are costly to buy or time consuming to make so their meal kits are an absolute steal. Compared to microwavable ready-to-eat meals, their kits are undeniably fresher and healthier! The kits are packed just a day before they reach you so you know you’re getting the freshest ingredients!


8) No commitment required – pause, skip or cancel your subscription anytime

Having a busy week, or travelling? No problem, simply skip your subscription plan for the week a week before!

9) Zero cooking experience needed!

Clear and concise instructions are given and the steps are easy to follow. Kitchen Hands’ meal kits help expand your culinary skills and you can try out new dishes without the accompanying food waste from unused ingredients. Most households have a kitchen, but probably don’t use it enough, so give their meal kits a try today!


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This post is brought to you by Kitchen Hands.