How to Make Luxurious Milk Coffee with Nespresso Barista Creations

May 09, 2019

People have been drinking coffee for centuries. Coffee is consumed in several ways across the globe: The Italians love their Cappuccino & Latte, and us Singaporeans love our Kopi Siew Dai & Kopi Ti Lo. Some like their coffee with milk and some like it with sugar. We love to drink coffee, but making a great cup of coffee from scratch can be very difficult at home. What if I told you that you can produce consistent barista-style coffee worthy of praise, all in the comfort of your home?

Nespresso Machine Close Up


Introducing Nespresso’s latest line of coffee capsules, the Barista Creations! 6 years of rigorous R&D by Nespresso’s Coffee Experts meticulously studying the interaction between coffee and milk has produced the perfect blend of the finest coffee origins, the Barista Creations!

The latest Nespresso Barista Creations consists of the Chiaro, Scuro, and Corto; each type of coffee possessing varying levels of intensity and aroma. This line of Nespresso coffee capsules is specially designed to be the perfect accompaniment with milk and to be used with Nepresso’s coffee machines. You can be sure that every cup of coffee made from the Barista Creations capsule line is perfect. Every. Single. Time.

Nespresso Overview


The lightest roast out of the three in Nespresso’s Barista Creations. Made from a fine mix of Kenyan and Indonesian Arabicas, Chiaro reveals very sweet coffee notes with the addition of milk. It’s perfect for those who love to indulge in sweet types of coffee.


If balance is what you seek in a coffee, then Scuro is the one for you. Made with Colombian and Ethiopian Arabicas that have been carefully split roasted to draw out the best coffee qualities, Scuro goes hand-in-hand with milk, producing a flavourful, rounded coffee for the everyday coffee drinker.


The most robust of all, Corto is the strongest coffee in the Barista Creations line. Made with African Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, Corto is smooth, yet possesses an intense lingering aftertaste that is sure to be perfect as a pick-me-up.

Nespresso Corto Coffee

If you are always in a hurry like me but still want to enjoy barista-style coffee, Nespresso’s Barista Creations is for you! Each Barista Creations coffee comes in its signature handy one-time capsule. All you have to do is pop the capsule into any of Nespresso’s coffee machine and you can have a cup of high-quality coffee at the touch of a button in a matter of minutes. It’s all too convenient!


Curious but confused by the different names of milk coffee you typically see in cafes? While you may know of the several common types milk coffees, such as the latte and cappuccino, do you know some of the uncommon ones? Here are 3 types of uncommon milk coffee you can make with Nespresso’s Barista Creations capsules!

Nespresso Capsules

What is Piccolo Latte?

Traditionally, a Piccolo Latte is a ristretto (very strong, concentrated espresso coffee) shot finished with steamed milk served in a mini latte glass. Thanks to the steamed milk and micro foam (we attempted making 1 with this variation below), Piccolo Latte enables us to relish the elevated flavours of ristretto and milk without us feeling bloated thereafter. Perfect for after-meal or when ending the day with a heavy-milky drink is too much!

What is Cappuccino?

Originally named after garment colour of Capuchin friars, it contains double espresso and steamed milk only. After much modifications over the decades, some say that it is recognised by its froth. Its general recipe is ⅓ espresso, ⅓ steamed milk and ⅓ milk foam, not limiting to the size of any cup. Almost every country has a different variation to this.

What is Macchiato?

In Italian, “Macchiato” means “marked”, referring to an espresso marked with milk. If you are an intense espresso drinker but appreciates a soft touch of milk, you should go for macchiato. Note that you should never stir your macchiato.

A macchiato typically has a greater portion of espresso to milk, so the flavour of espresso is stronger than a cappuccino. The opposite of cappuccino, macchiato does not deviate much in modifications. Read on to know how to make a flavoured macchiato (caramel)!

Cup of Macchiato


Nespresso’s Barista Creations is meant to be savoured with milk, so let’s dive right into making milk coffee, shall we? Of course, we will be using Nespresso’s coffee-making machine and the 3 new coffee capsules from Barista Creations! Let us teach you how to make good milk coffee from scratch. Don’t worry, we are beginners too!


After doing our homework, we realised that we can make a robust cup of Piccolo Latte with the Corto capsule! Piccolo Latte is a smaller-sized version of the latte, albeit much stronger in aroma and flavour. Perfect for heavy coffee drinkers!

How to use a Nespresso to make Piccolo Latte 1
How to use a Nespresso machine 2
Cup of Coffee Made Using Nespresso

Lightly knock the milk frother at least twice on the table to separate the milk from the milk foam. Proceed to pour the frothed milk into the coffee cup. Complete by spooning milk foam to the brim.

The end result is a cup of intense coffee with creamy milk foam on top!


With the Scuro coffee capsule, you can make a cup of smooth & well-balanced cappuccino. This is really perfect for the everyday coffee drinker!


With ⅓ of the brewed Scuro coffee in the coffee cup, pour another ⅓ of frothed milk in. Fill the remaining ⅓ of the cup to the brim with milk foam.

A simple dusting of cocoa powder on top will glamorise your cup of cappuccino. Voila, you’ve got yourself a smooth cup of fancy cappuccino!


The lightest of the Barista Creations line, the Chiaro capsule pairs superbly well with sweet types of milk coffee. We couldn’t resist and decided to make a cup of caramel macchiato!


First, insert a Chiaro capsule into the coffee-making machine. While the coffee is brewing, layer the base of a glass cup (as seen in the photo below) with caramel syrup and add in the foam.

Then, pour ¼ frothed milk into the glass cup and fill the remaining cup with the brewed Chiaro coffee. Finish by drizzling caramel syrup onto the milk froth at the top and it’s ready to be served!


Just like any beginner learning how to brew a good cup of coffee from scratch, practice makes perfect! Of course, we did a little research and went through several bouts of trial and error before getting the hang of it. If we can brew a good cup of barista-style coffee with Nespresso’s Barista Creations (Chiaro, Scuro & Corto) & its extraordinarily user-friendly coffee-making machine, we believe anyone can produce just the perfect cup of milk coffee he or she desires!


With Nespresso, making a delectable cup of barista-style milk coffee simply has never been easier! You may be wondering where can you buy Nespresso Barista Creations capsules? Get your coffee fix now at $7.60 per sleeve (10 capsules per sleeve), available at all Nespresso boutiques and online.

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Don’t just throw away your used Nespresso capsules! Nespresso believes in sustainability & recycling. Made from aluminium, a material which can be infinitely recycled, your used capsules can be recycled into another everyday object and used coffee grounds can be repurposed as compost for vegetable farming.


Nespresso has a local recycling program that processes all used capsules. To participate in the recycling program, simply request for a recycling bag at any Nespresso boutique. For online orders, simply add it to your shopping cart! With the recycling bag, all you have to do is pour used capsules into it. Once filled up, you can drop it off at any Nespresso boutique or pass it to the deliveryman when you have your next Nespresso order delivered!

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